1. Mkilbride

    *RED ALERT* GTX580, the fastest single GPU, on sale for only 370$! Putting it within 5-6$ of the 6970, ATi's fastest single GPU. You also get PhysX, CUDA, and the...
  2. Skyrider

    Red Alert 3

    <img src=""</img> Red Alert 3, who's going to get it? I've been waiting for this game for quite a while now. While the game is good, it has its flaws. For example, all units / buildings can be easily destroyed by a few strong...
  3. Prozac

    Red alert 3 Hell March Trailer! There you have it! newest Red alert 3 Looks abit like Red alert 2 with a HD wrapper but it's still awesome cause it's red alert! <- fanboy anyway, the build on water thing looks nice + new units! can't wait for oktober
  4. M

    Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3

    Source: Screenshots:
  5. Viper

    Red Alert: A Path Beyond It's very addictive and it's totally free. If you want to play on their servers check this out:
  6. J-Dude


    Okay, this made me so pissed I can't see straight...and I personally think that hard, fast retribution is needed! My little brother has enjoyed watching this show called "Sonic X" based off of the Sega game character "Sonic The Hedgehog". It occured to me today that Sega has breached MAJOR...
  7. Phobius

    [Spoiler Alert]24 the show discussion.[Spoiler Alert]

    Alright so far what does everybody think of this season so far? I think this season started off great and is getting even better by the episode although since I've been watching this show since season 1 I'm guessing everything that is going to happen before hand and most of my guesses have...
  8. Ness

    Gundam Seed Destiny - 39 *SPOILERS ALERT*

    OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG Strike Freedom \o/ a hybrid between the last person Kira fought in seed and the original Freedom OMG >_< it makes me wanna play a Gundam game so bad ;_; What do you guys think'll happen now :O do you reckon A. Zala has one waiting for him too? An advanced Aegis, an...
  9. Kurt`

    Ok, since the forums are boring lately [possible 56k alert]

    Post your desktop! D: (1.2 megs) or (if the above link is down) &lt;3 Jessica Alba, &lt;/3 JPG color rape
  10. T

    Rippers alert!! haha

    Hehe this is funny some guys totally ripped off esf and it's model community. It's supposed to be a warcraf 3 mod of some kind look under screenshots and then check their credits :smile:
  11. Grega

    steam alert

    ever since the last update my steam wont start the game it just says "This game is currently unavailable" does any1 know how to fix that
  12. Vegeta's Briefs

    Be Careful, Someone Is Always Watching ~JOKE ALERT!~

    A woman pulls up to a red light behind one other car. She notices the driver of the car in front of her is talking on his cell phone and appears to be shuffling through some papers on the seat beside him. The light turns green, but the man doesn't notice. The woman waits, but the man still...
  13. P

    Hacker Alert

    im sorry but i didnt know where to post this, but anyways His name is Od1um I was on a server (the DOA server) and he was there talking crap, here is his exact words: Od1um:Nail, your a f*g Od1um:And because of that, this happens RIGHT after that message is sent, the server...
  14. A

    Amber Alert. Read.

    Please, Everyone. Pray for the Jones family for they've experianced a great loss to a very.. very.. sick person. Most of you might be wondering what I'm talking about, Well just take a moment to read this is really serious. A 10 year old girl was missing (Just over/under 24 h I believe) And...
  15. P

    Mod Alert

    There is a mod that deserves to be noticed it may even come out before Bushido does here it is http://www.*******.com here are the forums also http://www.********.com/ Thanks! o_o
  16. Emeka650


    I think there should be an alert sign that pops up and tells you when a blast is coming.Because people can shoot you from behind and you wont know it.Remember in dbz when they can sence when a power level or a blast is coming.That's how it should be.They will alert you with an exclmation mark.;)...
  17. V

    Alert! Hack Attack on ESF! ( ( some others, dont have the time to trace them now. They were email spoofing our server :|
  18. NightShade

    VIRUS alert

    If you are into rpgs like me stay away from poolofradiance. I download a patch from them and got 8 virus. had to reformat and even then it was hard to get rid of them all. When i looked on the forums other people had the virus too really piss me off and of course i cant get my money back. weeeee...
  19. AscendantSaiyan

    Alert to ESF

    Time of post 18:30 (GMT) 30 april will anyone online now please make a server. i know it sounds newbieish but i would play on a 56k modem u want to, im bored playing with bots (well im not but i wanna play with ppl)