1. The Deco

    Adding building breakables to esf 1.3 map

    Well, I just saw 1.3s esf_city and its awesome. I really think it should be with breakables though. Like you through someone to certain parts of a building and that part of it will explode\break. I saw this implanted in other custom maps for 1.2 called esf_moderncity although you could only...
  2. john_volkov

    Adding a 12 charater

    how about adding a 12 charater in esf to be balance in teams 6 on 6 I think that the team suld take this in consideration
  3. john_volkov

    Adding Dummy models

    I was just thinking about this it will be cool for the team to add some dummy models like esf_cellgames to be a Mr.Satan near the Arena esf_lookout (if there will be one) to have like Bulma Chichi ,Master Roshi etc. the dummy models die verry fast it will be cool to have them
  4. john_volkov

    adding Goten and kid Trunks

    well in the serius Goten and Kid trunks where allwase togheter so they culd be add as Goten buddy kid trunks they r special because they know SSJ but noting else (NO FUSION) so baisicly i say just add Goten and Kid Trunks ass buddy so we will have more caracter in the game to chose from maybe...
  5. KidMan

    Adding in Fusion characters with no fusion

    As the Esf team ever thought of just add in the fusion characters as seperate without the fusion in the game? Like adding in Gotenks as just a seperate character. Just curious cause i haven't heard much about it.
  6. Pieter Paul Rubens

    Adding .exe to startup..

    I downloaded Y'z Shadow, a little tool that adds the MacOS X styled shadows to all Windows.. windows.. The only problem I have with it, is that there isn't any option to make it startup when Windows XP starts.. So I thought there might be a chance of adding certain programs to the Windows...
  7. Y

    Adding Yamcha and Tien

    I think that there shulod be Yamcha and Tien :) Yamcha is cool , been twice at King Kai's and probably on same level as Tien ... Tien is cool also ,but somehow looks *** with Chaozu always around ^^ Not Tien or Yamcha but Yamcha and Tien :) So?
  8. M

    Help with MilkShape - smoothing and adding bones

    Hope someone can help with this. Bought halflife the other day, and decided to make my own model for my favourite mod.... Heres my first attempt...Anyone recognise her? <img src=""> I have two problems, when i try to assign vertices to the...
  9. Ravendust

    Adding games to Dedicated Server GUI

    How can I add games to the dedicated server drop-down list? I've got like 20 games/mods/addons installed on Steam but only the official Valve ones show up.
  10. KidMan

    Adding Oozaru

    Im totally serious about this thread. I was thinking that either it could be implied to the normal game or that it could be a game mod like the Dragon Balls are. This could only work in a team battle. How it would go: So I was thinking that in the game the characters could be fighting around...
  11. S

    Prob with adding servers

    i started the game click on Find server Go Favorites add server added few servers from here: but i cant see them and i have All seeing eye but i dunno how to add this game my computer can only find hl.exe plz little help
  12. D

    Adding a new Character

    Hey, Got a Question. I want to add another character to ESF, this is not for anything other than myself. I want to add a new character with his own moves (or clone another character) And own menu button. How would I go about doing this. Basicly I want to add the new Broli model to the...
  13. sayan master

    adding strangth to beams in BS mode

    well i thought about it...and it might even make a more balanced game!!! listen: when 2 (or more) ppl are being in BS mode the KI is drained prity adding to this u will be able to add more enegy to ur side of the BS by draining more ki and shooting one more beam on the tail of the...
  14. K

    Adding new maps to steam verison of ESF

    Hey guys im kinda new to esf and i was wondering how to download new maps to the steam version of ESF. Any help will be appreciated.
  15. K

    Help with adding model skins to ESF

    How do you add model skins to ESF? I have found no help on the net so far and would appreciate any help from anybody. I have heard something about looking in the hl file. Where is the hl file?! please help me.
  16. U

    Need help with adding esf to my game list on steam?!

    hey all i need help, i cant seem 2 add esf 2 my game list on steam any sugestions or help? please give it to me im going crazy! eheh help me dudes and girls
  17. C

    Help with adding characters or models into ESF

    How do I do it? I can't find a readme, would someone please help me so I can add the character's I've downloaded
  18. S

    adding vegetto

    is there any way to add vegetto with out over righting the other models so there is 11 people to play as instead of 10?
  19. TwisteR

    Adding the letters ESF in your user title

    I noticed a while back, a few months ago, that when you try to add the letters ESF in your user title, it replaces the ESF letters with "***" Just curious to why that is.
  20. U

    Adding a Sprite-Artwork to the Forums

    How about adding a place where all spriters can show off their work.. just think that misc. seems kinda weird to post sprites.. i would have posted my sprite in Artwork if i diden't already know where to post them. So either adding a subfolder under Artwork of adding a completly new folder in...