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    Your best moment in San Andreas...*snif*

    Sicron, I apologize. The same thing just happened to me. Sorry about that
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    GTA : San Andreas

    I presume you mean the game engine? The engine is on the CD/DVD, not on the system itself. So those frame rate glitches are the result of the streamign of data and the game engine
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    Informing The Ignorant

    but when you don't want anyone else on your team, why not tell them to change rather then kick them? BTW, what's the cvar to remove the diamonds?
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    DBZ: Sagas Evolution

    Can't find anything about those two games anywhere including Gamespot. Again, sounds like BS. Gamespot and Gamefaqs mention nothing of Sagas Evolution, Red Ribbon Army nor Transformations EDIT: Hmm...I actually found some info on Red Ribbon Army, turned out I made a typo. But the other two...
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    DBZ: Sagas Evolution

    What a crappy name for the game. Sounds a tad fake to me
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    GTA : San Andreas

    BAH! I hate Australia in terms of video games. I have to wait until Friday to play it :(
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    i need help for ssj

    Only those stupid enough to think it would be written as "move up". WTF is "move up" in a game like ESF, anyway? The closest I can think of is "forward" which is already there. Assigned to "W"
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    i need help for ssj

    Nor checks the options (keyboar settings) either
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    esf 1.2 requirments

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!... .... ...That was not funny...Go get a life and stop with the sarcastic answers No you don't. You need an internet connection to DOWNLOAD it. You don't need an internet connection to play it
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    GTA:SA Pre Order

    No. Those who will still receive the game will not receive the email. Obviously, it would have been a first come first served preorder so those unlucky last people to preorder who won't receive a copy will receive that email
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    anyone find any good MMORGP's out there?

    Really? I don't ever recall seeing this in the rules and regulations when I signed up. Then again, I don't recall discussing it. Just saying it was "cool". They could if infact there was an NDA and infact I had said anything about the game. I'm not too sure what you are on about to be...
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    anyone find any good MMORGP's out there?

    I'm currently in the Matrix Online beta. Very fun game and will continue it once the beta closes
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    The Grudge, review.

    Bah....the Japanese version is better
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    How to play ESF online without steam

    You need to use Steam. Get it from
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    Budokai 3

    Found a pic of Brolly before Super Saiyan: It's the last pic