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    ssj2 gohan wip-body

    any better?:confused: this is something i drew along time ago:D
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    ssj2 gohan wip-body

    This should help;) keep up the good work:D
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    New Frieza Model?

    WHOA!!!!O_O good job man! anyway your cyborg freeza looks good, but it still need more robot parts like you said.I'll give u some ref's to help.
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    Kaioken Video

    kaioken should just be goku's turbo all together:rolleyes:
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    is ephiroth in high enough demand here for me to ignore my retirement?

    not bad for your first sound pack, god job guys keep up the good work!:yes: :D
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    Kaioken Video

    ok, i have windows media player, i d/l it and i cant see the picture, but i can hear the sounds.WTF!!??O_o in fact i can barely play any avi. files! can anybody help me here because that video sounds really good:p
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    Freeza Form 1 WIP, SC...

    ok, first of all frieza is a guy:p on topic: the face looks alot like perfect cell'sO_o
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    OMG!!!! TS is a HL mod, it has moves that are like what u can do in the matrix. such as back flips, side jumps, etc. you can all get it at ,happy now?:S
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    Chibi Vegeta

    off topic: is there supposed to be a chibi vegeta in GT?I thought goku was the only one that got turned into a kid again. on topic: the model is ok
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    Changeling Trooper Skin!

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    Giji Super Sayian-jin Reskin

    its a little thing called copy and paste:rolleyes: on topic:Great Model i already have the namek pack so now that is my new ssj goku! thnx:D
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    Giji Super Sayian-jin Reskin

    DOH!!!:scared: Now i know why he looks like that. Plus Ive never seen the movie where he battles lord slug. Gotta see that sometime.Great mode BTW:D
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    Link Model!!

    I think the transformation is supposed to be adult Link with the master sword:rolleyes:
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    Namek goku(thought i would give it a try :p)

    HOLY ****!!!! that is T I G H T!!!!! when its done, release ito_o
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    Can Any One Tell me.......

    try this, it is 1.1 compatable