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    Anime with best sword-fighting

    For me the best are Samurai Champloo & bleach :laff:
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    *Spoilers*Bleach 60 Anime

    Hitsug-ya's bankai realy cool. i'm waiting for 62 episode :)
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    Piccolo Suggestions

    piccolo should have this attack Choubakuretsumaha He used it against cell
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    Two NEW Attacks for Piccolo

    these are good attacks but i think this is better >>> Choubakuretsumaha - Piccolo uses this by charging up a lot of energy in his hands, then unleashing it in the form of a beam. He uses it against cell after fight with android17 ! I think he should have all these attacks :D...
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    nooooo raditz stink! Like they said he has no good attacks and he cant transform into ssj! There are lots of other characters like ties android18 ginyu or dabura! they are much better than RADITZ !
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    Team Fusion

    NO FUSION !!!!!!!!!! It was suggested many times before :S
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    Android 19

    why that ****ing robot???? he sucks.he doesn't have any good attacks ant he looks stupid(very fat :D ) androind`s 19 & 20 sux very much :P 16,17 & 18 are best androids,and they must be added first !!!!!
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    I liked 1.1 & 1.2 when i started to play but now it's realy borring :P I'm waiting for 1.3 i think it will be 10000000 times better than 1.2 version ;D
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    What New Attacks?

    PICCOLO need this attack: Choubakuretsumaha: Description: A very powerful blast which Piccolo performs by charging up his Ki with both hands in front of his torso. And he could have this attack: Renzoku Energy Dan: A machine gun KI attack, used by pretty much anyone who knows how to form...
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    i dont know maybe they are stupid why they posting such stupid posts ? dont u know NO FUSION O_o :S
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    stupid idea that just came up in meh...ginyu..

    i don't like this idea,it sounds crazy.when you'r a frog you don't have any attacks you just jump around and whait when somebody kills you.
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    Different Renzoku

    Piccolo used rezoku too,against freza on namek. So he should have renzoku too.
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    Different Renzoku

    Now renzoku sucks ! vegeta fires ~6-8 ki balls and losses half energy !!!!!!!! And i think other sould have renzoku:piccolo,krillin,tien.
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    A devastating atack for Vegeta

    Vegeta doesn't need new attacks :P
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    Yamcha should be in esf

    Is this a joke :shocked: O_O :laff: :D sokidan isn't that powerful O_o :\ :warning: