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    Can anyone make me ?

    Can anyone make me wolfwoods cross of trigun, compile in a v and p world view ? thx its for a mod, your name will have the credits
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    Vegeta.. needs critz

    yep good start, looks perfect as of now
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    Would it be cool if...

    Would it be cool if you could throw trunk's sword at people, then pull it back with enegry ?? P.S, dont move this, this is a question asking the people if it would be cool, not a suggestion. Thx
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    SSJ2 and 3?

    well just for reference i think its going to go straight to 2.0 beacuese of the ...... well not going to say :)
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    Kid Buu Done.

    umm model is done, he just wont post link to dl
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    Can someone make me a sig

    maisto next time pm him, well thats what the mod going to say
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    Goku GT plz

    well.....i might be able to host it pro models soon, im getting meh own server
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    bebi vegeta

    ok, just go to red
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    Does anyone know

    does anyone know of a trigun mod for any game ??
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    Single Player

    i know, tere are a ton of us good at stuff, why dont we make a stickey, have people post there work, like moders post frieza nappa, cell, etc, get the ki bots, use there skin, then have mappers make maps
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    ZuL model

    umm, i think face needs to be bigger, neck a lil long too
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    Destroyable maps?

    well go play red fraction or start a mod for red fraction for something like that.... wait that be cool, getting hit into a wall, making a hole
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    -=- CrAzY New Pics Fer Ye Guys -=-

    lol esf city, lol sam remember me swinging around... that was fun
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    Cheat protection...

    bahh.... somone cheats.... Just kick there ass around alot..... then u slap him with adminmod alot, then you bann him :D
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    People in #esf are morons? Kids? You decide.

    ok...thats nice .... bye