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    Im lost guys....

    *Personal attack removed.* Kurt, no more **** like this. Period, I don't care what your problem with people is, if you violate the rules, you will be warned, your post removed, and the logical course of actions that follow will follow. -Cucumba
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    Lik-Sang is Finished. Sony is the new Nintendo.

    That's not fair to Nintendo... they haven't attempted to rootkit their customers yet lol
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    What are you listening to now?

    Metroid Metal - Kraid's Theme Stemage is too nosty~
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    Firefox2: A closer look

    Yeah but... is the about:mozilla page different?
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    Happy Birthday harSens!

    Happy b-day!
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    Guitar String.. snapped?

    Once you understand how the tension in each string is, you'll have no problems changing strings. Basically: 1. Loosen all the strings quite a bit starting from the highest to lowest (thinnest to thickest), in standard tuning that would be E B G D A E (if you do the opposite, the higher strings...
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    Well this sucks, gfx help

    A direct link to the latest drivers? Hmm, let's see... "ftp://" ok that means it's pointing to a FTP server, "" which is on nvidia's site..., "Windows" means the drivers are for windows, 91.47 = driver version/revision number, "WHQL" means Windows Hardware Quality Labs...
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    Well this sucks, gfx help k go
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    Starcraft VS. Warcraft 3!

    It has a bad reputation because of money maps + unit massing... But as has been reiterated in many other threads, staying one step ahead of your opponent and countering their forces keeps the game interesting and balanced. (that, and playing with people who aren't complete tools)
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    DBZ tenkaichi 2 again I denno if that has been posted before, but the Wiimote looks really fun
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    What are you listening to now?

    Powerman 5000 - Supernova Goes Pop blast from the past o_o /me feels old
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    Starcraft VS. Warcraft 3!

    W3's multiplayer sucks balls (too focused on heroes/grinding levels), but the singleplayer was pretty tight. Starcraft has better multiplayer and a better storyline.
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    Internet Explorer 7 It begins o/~ (or 'continues' if you prefer)
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    I hate EA This doesn't look to be going very well lol
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    Interesting news about the PS3 controller capabilities...

    He does not bother with things so trivial as reading... clearly one of the Sony developers came into his prestigious workplace and demonstrated it firsthand. If you're going to try and act like a smartass at least do a good job of it. --Pride