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    EVM server or client

    i know how fix it dude! GO OUT ONTO TEH WEB AND FIND REGET PRO as soon as a got that installed on my comp the extraction worked like a charm
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    EVM server or client

    Yeah...I'm getting the same message...I uninstalled EVM client b4 I extracted it too, and I'm still getting that it is a corrupt file OHHH WAIT...I extracted it but there is nothing in the file
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    Music vid(with poll)

    OK...i watched it...But i would have used more than one battle that they had, (where was the Saiyan saga battle? or all the verbal assualts they had?) Also i would have used different music (I think he should have used something a little more energetic) Staind just didnt do it for me. Any way...
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    ]|[ Final Request Forum v1.1 ]|[

    You guys just totally ignored my post...NEED ADULT GOHAN SOUNDPACK! I know it is out there somewhere on the net but i have been searching and I cant find it! Someone gimmie a link!
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    ]|[ Final Request Forum v1.1 ]|[

    Adult Gohan Soundpack Hey...I need an ADULT GOHAN SOUNDPACK!...I had one once b4 but it got erased when i had to reinstall the game and now that I'm using EVM i need adult gohan sounds only for my set up. If someone can get me the address to the DL (or just a DL link) it would be much...
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    I NEED HELP WITH THE EVO MOD CLIENT SETUP! has more folders in it for models then i have i have to go dl Majin Vegeta and that stuff, and also no has even made a phase 3 Frieza yet! How do I do this! MODS help me out here!
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    awesome...really nice man, especially now that you fixed the shirt I just have one crit, give him some expression on his face like in teh pic i have posted below
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    Dende and Porunga Models

    looks good...i just dont know what you would use Dende for in the game...maybe you have to pick him up and take him to the dragonballs to summon Porunga i dont know but I like it. I hope that that Porunga isn't actual size j/k
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    Kreshi's Gogeta -Skinned by me

    looks really great slim...(much better than the Gogeta that is out right now) now that this model has the correct hair length As for for the crits on here about his facial expression, who cares, Gogeta never really had any expressions in his fight with Janemba anyway *points to my sig*...
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    Brolly Wip's a chest! sorry...its a little hard for me to judge when all I'm looking at is a chest
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    Perfect Cell WIP

    :cry: it looks so beautiful... you're not releasing this, why again?
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    Perfect Cell WIP

    just one thing i need clearing up... wasn't the joint area blue...not purple? ---- {EDIT} ok on apon deeper research i have seen that the joint areas are a very dark purple...(much darker than the way you have it right now)
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    Perfect Cell WIP

    SWEET ZOMBIE JESUS ON A POGO STICK! I can't say anythign but WOW! the thing is ****ing flawless! MORE...I MUST HAVE MORE!
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    SUPER BUU models curl up?

    ok this is kinda wierd but whenever my Super Buu models transform or go into regeneration mode they curl up into the shapeless ball of pink and white pants someone that makes Super Buu models might wanna check this
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    NONE DBZ MODELS (Newest models)

    HEY...IT JUST HIT ME!!! that second gun you made...kinda looks like the assault rifle from UT2K3 good job with the M16