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    Black DragonBalls!!!!

    for DBs you can also use g_training
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    ...why do ppl don't get it. EVM has updates too. EVM has been updated so it was named EVM 1.2 evm 1.2 doesn't mean its for ESF 1.2 but I think they're working on it :)
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    Goku's kame torpedo's.

    yep....and if you crit the size.... If you see the Cell Games again.....look out for the scene Vegita is doing his Final Flash against a cell jr. . The cell jr. stopped it and the KI was in the air. It was very large like the kame torpedos and then the cell jr. kicked it away. At this...
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    Tips for telemeele?

    but its not fun also if somebody throws you everytime :)
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    new Vegeta WIP

    if you release it for esf 1.2 we have to choose normal vegeta - SSJ (Super Vegeta) SSJ - SSJ2 ? or is there a wax to get all 3 models in the game? i dont know
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    update 1.2

    wich patch? there is no patch there is a new beta version 1.2 or are you looking for the 1.2 patch? its not out yet edit: you were quicker :laff:
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    Tips for telemeele?

    I think youing a blas after melee isnt lame.... Theres no rule that says you cant do it. There are other things I kil bob after throw there are ppl, using this everytime and that's not funny. They throw me at the wall I jump off they fire and don't understand, that I'm...
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    update 1.2

    ....its normal've downloaded the Trailer -_- look here ESF 1.2
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    Blocking these wierd arrows

    I think its down up.... :)
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    new Vegeta WIP

    sailor alea....... I said Vegeta reached this lvl (its true) but in the Cell fight he didn't use it because its too weak (he said that in the series) :)
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    new Vegeta WIP

    sorry but its not right.... Vegeta reached this stage in the room of spirit and time like Trunks did but Vegeta wasn't so stupidly to use it against cell I think its USSJ Vegeta
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    black background?

    Hi Since I've played on a server, that changed my settings my hit and scouter text looks so: could somebody tell me if its normal or how to erase the background? thx Kazzak
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    Changed cvars?

    sry but there is no button read-only
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    WTF?! First time w/ this error

    I know know its not the topic but: I was on your server yesterday and your server edited my cvars and I want to know if its ok ? and how i can fix my green text i dont like it