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    New To World of Warcraft

    26 hours of what ? downloading? The patchs you need are 1gig in total bout 500mb each, make sure you choose the australian free public link, its always instantly free.... Dam aucklanders, to buzy drinking your mocka low fat chilattechino's
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    New To World of Warcraft

    try to google 3dgamers or just goto it should work fine
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    New To World of Warcraft

    get the wow-1.12.0-enus-patch.exe patch to update your wow to version 1.12 then get the and extract and run that to update it to the latest version, now it should run.. unless you have the Europien version then you need wow-1.12.0-engb-patch.exe and...
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    New To World of Warcraft

    LOL i dont mean there arnt any good players on allaince, there just a bigger ratio of idiots on that side because they all go "omg lets play allaiance there soooo cool" still some anoying people on horde, but i find that on the hode people are alot more willing to lend a hand and if your...
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    New To World of Warcraft

    Ive hit 60 with an orc hunter, i think horde is the side to play all the retards join alliance anyway, Hunter is a nice class easy to level and grind, warriors tank (mainly defence) priest are always wanted, sadly take 2- 3 time longer to level them then anyother class race wise pick one...
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    ban the person above

    Banned so i can reply to your question Way back somone was ripping off red sayin by making these, the guy who made this one (and a few others) made them to make the point "there not to hard to make" I liked the style and made a request for one of Gohan from the future trunks movie ^_^ i...
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    ban the person above

    Banned for liking wrestling I also ban Davidskiwan for not emptying his Private Messages
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    Armor me thread, ESF version

    Nice job nuttzy, i like the arms how they are, but more detail in the hands couldent hurt, carnt wait to see what you do next.
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    Davidski's doodles >;o~

    ausom man, would be intresting to see more of the dbz cast in your style.
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    Perfect Cell - Cel Shade

    only thing i see wrong is the head bits (green bits on top) they need to be bigger and curve out more to show the black top of his head, as you see in those ref images the green shell bits on his head are 3 - 4 times longer than his face ^_^ and mabie the sholders bigger and more defined...
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    Stupid Question thats been on my mind

    haha sounds to me like he has ^_^ anyway, how dare you say all the movie characters suck david :P you know full well that Future gohan (history of trunks) is my fav char ^_^ and bardok, he really is a cool charcter, but he dose lack any attacks with names apart from the "moon" ball...
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    Father of Kakarot =o

    make his a eyes a little smaller and then grab ither side of his jaw and pull them out and down just a little bit, i think thats all it needs ^_^
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    Transformation suggestion

    man nice idea i agree it would totaly even out the game abit more, but regarding muitibale levels say goku has goku, ssj, ssj2 and mabie even ssj3 when he has enough power to go ssj2 when transforming will he skip ssj1? just something extra to think about bacuse they have been know to just go...
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    your top 5 anime characters.

    more than 5 but meh Gutts (Berserk) Ichigo (bleach) Sagara Sousuke (Full Metal Panic 1st series) Bit Cloud (zoids 2nd series) Future Gohan (History of Trunks movie) Jubei (Ninja scroll) Mugen (Samurai Champloo) ^_^ not in order
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    ANOTHER trunks sword/melee idea

    man that sounds like a cool idea, but people would hore it.. alot mabie if you added a break feature, say if you use the attack when someone is blocking, you still stun them and its for slightly more than the normal 3 seconds, but your sword is broken he puts it back (whats left) so that the...