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    ur materials totally dont make the artist,, for example i can take an old wall and use some sprays but without talent or skills ib aswell using a roll mat or something.. -Mint
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    Which rims look better?

    k folks when chrome was first introduced it was seen as shiny,new,expensive and flashy.. over the years its gotten worse and worse! chrome wont make anycar look good.. can you imagine a 1.2 red corsa with 17" chrome wheels... it would look completly stupid..guess its just opinion and i pretty...
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    Which rims look better?

    totally agree... seriously guys most of you will have probally just seen that **** show pimp my ride and think.. yeah they deck each car with chrome! Thus meaning chrome is amzingg! its on TV! Bull****.. i have a car im a cruiser sorta lad... i could affort chromes if i wanted but they are so...
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    Which rims look better?

    i hate this whole chrome thing.. makes it look cheap an rapperish... no chrome on my car.. -SaN
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    harsen dudeman .vs. chimpy -SaN
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    Rate the Signature Above You

    im likin the sig. NIce colour and simple text. Good job, 8/10 -SaN
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    Hwoarang even tho he dislikes he lol Guru_San .VS. Firfly lol -SaN
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    I never take back my word.

    k well like it looks like u didnt cut the image out from the original from the vert line.. also the way the colour goes from one shade to another inbwtween this line annoys me. eh i think u need to move the top set of text up a bit so it dosent rub against Inakuro txt. Not bad tho 7/10 -SaN
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    Majin Vegeta!!!!!!!

    i love the way u guys can find the time to proov some total random noob wrong.. lol its rediculas even posting in the first time... whats the point? -SaN
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    Storm Warnings...In Scotland?

    ok.. Due to the highly unpredicatble nature of the worlds weather system, its possible for events to have an amplified effects i.e. Chaos theory, Butterfly effect etc but it would be highly unlikely.. -SaN <-Me's a metor watsa dusa! :yes:
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    Storm Warnings...In Scotland?

    yeh we should do..guess we'll have to wait an see but im offski cause power just went in half the village so im off whilst i can see how to get upstairs lol.. -SaN
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    Storm Warnings...In Scotland?

    Right i was just talkin to me mate the other day about how the whole world is falling apart.. like the movie, day after tomoro. First majour majour Tsunami thing, then over here... bad flooding in places that are well far from shore, then up here we have just been annouced with some savier storm...
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    Any trance dj's who mix their own stuff?

    Traktor Dj Studio AtomixMP3 360' Ejay Im away to get Traktor now, ive made about 4 albums with some well random beats some really mellow little Xzilaphone ones, some have custom G-Tar smpales aswell, I use Decks now and again too.. But yeah makin music rocks -SaN - Just your Favourite DJ...
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    ok well i dunno how much u know about snowboarding or how long youve been going but its a passion of mine and ive been doing it for about 4 years i be thinking... and if you are getting a set up it really isnt just up to make.. A Snowboard is totally important so you have to figure out what u...
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    What hapened with redsaiyan?

    eh dude redsaiyan used to be SPiN's... so he sorta does have something to do with it.. i know he dosent bother about it now adays like.. i used to be Anime Reviewer and GFX.. but that was a massivly long time ago.... when SPiN liked me.. ¬_¬ i have lots of issues lol -SaN