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    Portfolio site <3 Skyrider

    Great to see you're still alive and kickin' Skiwan. I still remember some of those pictures from very long ago.
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    Simple Render Thread.

    You need to like, buy a new monitor, or change those colors. But good basic layout.
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    Spiderman 3: The Game

    This game is most likley going to be just as dissapointing as the movie was, really, really dissappointing. It seems like they are aming their core buyers to be 15 and below, where a person still lacks knowledge to actually know he is wasting his money on utter ****. After waiting for this...
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    Super picture

    This is a truly imba signature, the best I've seen in years! I dare you to use it under your nick.
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    [WIP]: [DBS][Namek Saga] Frieza

    The skin is looking great so far, just redo the eyes, they look a bit like retardation. You got a great flow on the neck and semi-chest part, alseo a very decent job on the helmet. Keep it up.
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    Simple Render Thread.

    Smo is *** and enjoyes men, thus the kind emolized face.
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    Simple Render Thread.

    Lolz, Hi smo. Long time no see. Good job sucker, about time you improved.
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    A intresting i found in a shop

    There is no such thing as Namekian.
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    movie: the fountian

    Damn Bunker, you critically hit the english language quite often. Stopping the are process and gaining the ability to recreate your cells for an eternity is not possible, nor will it ever be without any type of constant medicine/body implants. Even if there is a way for this to be done, it's...
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    rocky balboa.........=.=

    Sylvester Stallone is god damn ownage, if anyone can pull it off, it sure as hell is him. I have no bad expectations of this movie, nor particulary good, just decent.
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    Happpeeh birfday SV!!!

    Have a great one! And many more to come :b.
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    Uchiha Sasuke WIP

    Notify me when you do Naruto and Itachi then :).
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    Uchiha Sasuke WIP

    The first one, and it HAS to be sasuke? Come on ;(.
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    Favorite Old School Game

    <- lol. Final Fantasy Tactics/VI/VII/VIII(forgot which year VIII came out). Starcraft, Warcraft, Diablo 2 Metal Gear Solid Xenogears
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    buu skin

    JTV Eclipse, your contrast pretty much screws the skin over :b. Keep it up Toast, will crit when more is finished.