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  • Seems you misunderstood my post.
    I'm telling you that you shouldn't be mad at the guys of the forum.
    They can't support illegal people, because it's at a very high cost.
    You don't want it to end now and never see the release?
    BTW, never heard of ECX XHX :/
    Hey, Evo.
    Don't get the guys in the forum wrong.
    They don't give you support because they can't afford to.
    Helping one of us "non STEAM users" could shut them down.
    A.K.A. ESF will get stopped from development.

    I used to be like you, asking for help all of the time.
    Just use Google.
    Not just for ESF. Look for Half-life 1 and you could get the same help with ESF.
    this is working with any mod,
    mod cstrike=cstrike.exe
    mod esf=esf.exe
    mod wantedhl=wantedhl.exe
    mod folder name=exe name
    make a copy of hl.exe rename copy of hl.exe to esf.exe and change icon with "Resource Editor"
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