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    [Old PotW] POTW - 5/14/12

    Whoa... nice ping... how can that be playable? Anyway the graphics in this map is wierd... and nice job for the sounds and animations team (from the play test clips) :smile:
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    ESF Release Schedule - Important

    Nooo ESF Team ! Don't release 2 smaller phases PLEASE ! I've waited so long, other members waited 10 years for this game to be released... so I think (maybe WE) can wait a little longer to be this game 100 % DONE ! Do as your planed, I know this post doesn't matter that much to you, and I'm not...
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    Ocean Shader

    It's spectacular ! Anyway I'm interested in which hardware configuration is this 60 FPS?
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    GeForce GTS450

    So guys... I canceled GTS450 GDDR5... now I want to buy HD 6770 GDDR5... but I have a 400w PSU... so I don't know it will run well :/ Recommended is 450w PSU
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    Ice Wasteland Video

    WoW... "Hot" Map :D Great job ;)
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    GeForce GTS450

    Thank you for posting guys... anyway I don't give much info. last time such as System Specs or anything about the GPU, so... my System Specs are theese... CPU: AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4400+, 2301 MHz RAM: 3 GB DDR2 800 MHz MB: Asus M2V MX SE BTW. I tryed GTS450 2048 MB DDR3...
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    GeForce GTS450

    Thank you guys... As for the GTS450... I was informed that GTS450 will run newer games like Need for Speed: The Run, Battlefield 3 and other in Ultra Settings on 1280x1024 Resolution (Thats my Max Res, I'm using 19" Monitor). But also Im informed that AMD Radeon HD 6770 has the same price and...
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    Frozen Wasteland

    Sweet Progress :smile:
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    GeForce GTS450

    Hi guys... I'm planing to buy GeForce GTS450... but I don't know which one... the GeForce GTS450 1024 MB GDDR5, or GeForce GTS450 2048 MB DDR3. I've searched Google and I haven't found something about GTS450 2048 MB. All I know is that GTS450 1024 MB GDDR5 (1804 MHz Memory Clock) is faster than...
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    [Old PotW] FRIEZA!!!

    The Spirit Bomb is like the Planet Earth, and its much bigger than Goku... and that is OK! In ESF 1.2.x the Spirit Bomb size was not bigger than a Goku, it only needs a little texture FIX. BTW the lava is awesome and the ambient is great. Well done ESF Team :yes:
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    Cry of Fear Release Date Announced !

    The official facebook page of Cry of Fear had gathered 5000+ Likes,so the team of Cry of Fear has unlocked the release date. It's 22/02/2012 Original thread
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    Piccolo Render

    Mm.. Sweat & Sexy ^_^ ;D
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    Your biggest worry in life?

    To get killed... xD :laff:
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    [Old PotW] POTW - 9/4/11

    Awesome details... :D Great job :yes:
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    Yeps.. I'm here now... i was busy... :D And I'm glad you didn't forget me :D

    Yeps.. I'm here now... i was busy... :D And I'm glad you didn't forget me :D