The 7,497th Annual ESF Tournament

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Apr 7, 2013
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Sorry, Sub, but ALL the mental images of you are RUINED now. I'm so, so sorry/
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Apr 26, 2012
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I wouldn't script against another player because I wouldn't want to be scripted on. As far as I'm concerned it takes away from the skill involved with the game by simplifying functions - this causes an advantage for the scripter before the game even starts. I think ESF 1.2.3 is an amazing game that is one of the harder games to learn and master. Scripting detracts from the player experience by allowing shortcuts and I would think that in a duel you would want to strive to make it as even as possible. I'm pretty black and white when it comes to cheating, even if there were 10 people left in the entire community and if I knew half of them were scripting I would ban half the community from my server.

The best players that I know of, and as far as I know do not script are: Okazaki, Trex, Sub, Twigsnapper annnnddddd thats it lol

Hi all, I know not a lot of scripts, but as accusing a play using them, how to be 100% of traps used. I agree with Reading Rainbow, saying revan and roy are the best players are also saru and others but very good.
In this in thought, suppose I start to play a lot and learn the game, so that I beat the best, but no one knows I play to have that level, someone could label me cheater.

for Revan's an excellent player, I defend it by the fact that so many opponents have won does not mean that use trmapas, that would envy, we know he has played since the player-ape san kami -, they play very well, and could not say, hey you use trap, and would discredit the effort of a player.

Then, by the fact of playing well and winning does not mean be cheat, until you prove otherwise. therefore, for me Revan deserved stay in the tournament.

good, keep playing and promoting the game, the best game ESF fight.

excuse the English, all I did for Google traslate.
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