Smallville - Origins (if you like superman read this)

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Feb 22, 2003
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I realise most of the stuff here is dbz stories and what not but I was bored today and decided to write this... well i wrote it a while ago.. tell me what u think. Ill post chapter one for now, then 2 after if u want me too

Chapter One

Clark Kent stared at the tremendously large amount of hay in front of him. They were stacked so high, that they reached the second floor of his barn and almost the roof, how he had thrown them up the perfectly was still beyond him, he stared at them some more, it reminded him of when he was a child. For fun he would stack them to one side of the barn jump out of the window in the barn onto the hay. The one thing I actually enjoyed using my powers for at that time Clark thought to himself. Other than that – at that age anyways – Clark’s powers were nothing but a burden to him, until he was old enough to start understanding what needed to be done around the farm.

For a while when he was growing up his father had to hire a helping hand, Earl Jenkins. Earl lived on the farm for three or four years until he left and got a job at Luthorcorp. He tried to teach Clark how to play the guitar he said “It’s the best way to attract the women!” Although he gotten tired of Clark constantly breaking his strings. One time, Clark was playing around throwing the hay, and jumping out of the Window of the barn and Early saw what he thought was Clark throw the twenty pound bail of hay thirty feet into the air, run into the barn, up the stairs and jump out the window and catch it. Jonathon barely convinced Earl that he had been seeing things and maybe the whiskey they had drunken the other night hit him more than he realized. Since he left for a new job, Clark was able to use his powers freely around his home once again, and he helped the farm stay in business and did all the heavy lifting for his dad.

Jonathan wanted Clark to put all that hay into the back of the truck before dinner which was 3 hours away. Does he actually think it will take me that long? Clark thought, but as usually he did as his father asked. He streaked back and forth, the only thing visible to the human eye would be a streak smudged Red and blue, Clarks jeans and t-shirt. In a matter of seconds, all the hay possible was in the back of the truck. Clark stood and looked at it with satisfaction, dusted his hands off and put them at his waste and smiled. He went to go tell his dad as he walked past the basketball net he had the sudden urge to play, but knew his dad wanted to know write after he had done it. Maybe I’ll give Pete a call later to shoot some hoops, Clark planned.

Pete had been Clark’s best friend since the sand box, his dad liked to say. They were almost brothers, and for the past year or so Pete has known Clark’s secret. Pete always had his bro’s back, and always will for as long as he can. They’ve had their fights and mistrusts, but they are still best friends. Pete’s mother was the Judge of the town, she handled all of the Indictable charges that happened in Smallville – Just about every person Clark caught – So they were a pretty wealthy family.

He walked up to his house and opened the door. His house was quite beautiful, although farm houses usually were. The wooden wall panels are panted a medium colored yellow, with white eavesdrops separating the yellow from the brown shingled roof. The house was surrounded by a white picket fence with a dirt driveway right outside the fence, and fields stretching out in each direction from the houses location. The front porch was made out of old-looking wood, and was raised slightly from the ground with steps in the center from the ground to the porch leading to the door. On ether side of the door were two windows, with flowers underneath them.

As Clark walked in, he could smell something that smelt vaguely familiar. The inside of his house almost looked cottage like, but larger. As you walked in, the first thing you saw was the stairs, and a hallway to the left of them, and 2 rooms branching off from there – The family room and another guest-type room. To the right of the stairs was the Living room, and then behind that closer to the back of the house was the kitchen, within the Kitchen was the side door. The door used most by the Kent’s; due to the farm chores they had to do daily.

Clark remembered the smell; it was the smell of his mother’s Meat loaf. Although, that type of dinner is very common and people have gotten used to just ‘plain old meat loaf’, Martha’s cooking was something rarely seen. Everyone loved her cooking; she even baked apple pies for the Talon, Where Lana worked. Lana re-opened the Talon and kept it that way because it was one last thing she was able to hold onto from her parents past after they were killed in the Meteor shower which brought Clark into, or literally onto this world.

“Hey Clark, did you finish piling the hay onto the back of the truck?” Jonathan asked. He was messing around, and repairing with the parts to his motorcycle on the dinner table again, which Martha hated. His dad was looking more tired than usual, the recent heart attack the he had taken its toll on him. The powers Jor-el gave him to bring Clark home 6 months earlier were too much for his body to handle. His heart gave out, and one of the doctors recommended a triple by-pass, which was done under pressure by a kryptonite bomb attached to a kid.

Clark sighed. “Yep, all done. After I’m gunna call Pete over to play a little bit of basketball is that alright with you?” He knew what his dads answer would be, after he completed his homework, which he had just recently done in less than five minutes, and all his farm chores were finished.

Jonathan looked at Clark and then said “As long as you’ve finished your homework and all of your chores, son.” Clark was more than able to predict the answers of his parents, as any child could with theirs, for any question he asks frequently. He nodded and smiled and told him it was all completed. He smelt his mothers cooking… he almost started to drool. He looked around, and there was his mom at the sink washing some of the pans she must have used while cooking tonight’s dinner. She looked over at him as Jonathan had told him his answer, and smiled warmly.

“Dinner will be ready soon honey, you should go wash your hands and get ready.” She told him happily, she always got excited when she made her meat loaf; there was something about it that gave her a deep sense of satisfaction.

Clark left to the bathroom, where he was washing his hands and face from the dirt he had compiled throughout the day on the farm. Jonathan sat at the table, so intent in his work with the motor cycle parts. He had had the motorcycle it’s self for along time, his high school years, he wanted to keep it in prime condition. The parts lay on the table, with a cloth covered in oil stains spread out across the table. He had heard his wife say dinner would be ready soon, so he started moving all the parts into the middle, and bunched the cloth around it and used it like a bag. He carried it and put it beside the side door in the kitchen, where he would place it out in the barn later on. He walked over to Martha and kissed her lightly on the cheek, and told her it smelt wonderful, and he also made his way to the bathroom to wash his hands from the oil, as Clark was making his way back. He sat down at the table and waited for his dad.

Once Jonathan was back, she served her ‘Prize winning Meat Loaf’ Clark liked to call it, it was that good. She gave everybody several slices, and then sat down her self. They all started to eat, like usual, it was silent for the first bit so everyone could enjoy the taste in peace. Clark opened his mouth to say something but then he heard what sounded like a plan going down then a fairly loud explosion, which shook the house. They all looked at each other in surprised and all ran to the door at the same time, and ran outside to see.

The three Kent’s were shocked at what they saw. In the sky, a long black cloud stretched from high in the sky and down into Smallville. Where the black trailer ended, fire was rising into the air. They couldn’t believe it, then two more, and then shortly after that it was a constant barrage. Jonathan was confused, as were they all. How could this be happening again, it was like an exact repeat of the Meteor shower that brought Clark to Earth!

“Oh my God…” Martha said in shock as they watched the meteor’s crash into Smallville. This can’t be happening, she thought to her self, by then Clark had already looked at his dad urgently, and Jonathan nodded and said “Go, but be careful” After those words from his father, Clark darted down the driveway and down the street deeper into town. What had caused this? How can this be? This town had already seen a meteor shower twelve years earlier. What could be awaiting Clark as he rushes to Smallville to do what ever he can to help?

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