1. N

    Superman as a Cameo Character

    Hey, who'd be more OP in ESForces than Superman?
  2. FalconFury

    Superman vs Silver surfer topic

    Superman has the ability of reproducing his energy from the red star sun. Silver surfer has unlimited ability to take powers, healing, lifting heavy objects, teleports from a long distance and stopping a powerful disaster like he did in the "Rise of the silver surfer" the movie. Silver is 100%...
  3. FalconFury

    ScrewAttack: Goku vs Superman WAIT UNTIL WE SEE THIS
  4. Denz

    superman cave

    <object width="464" height="295" id="1676749" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000" alt="Magnificent Crystal Cave Formations Funny Videos"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowScriptAccess"...
  5. Slofreak

    Superman sign !

    its a bird, its a plane....noo its SUPERMAN ! XD what do you think...?
  6. SS4 Gogeta

    Superman beware!!!

    "A new mineral matching its unique chemistry - as described in the film Superman Returns - has been identified in a mine in Serbia." - who woulda thought hehe
  7. +HottsaucE@+

    Goku vs Superman

    goku vs superman. hu would win? goku can go ssj, ssj2,ssj3, vs superman the new 1
  8. J-Dude

    Latest ver. SuperMAN vs. Super SAIYAN...A match?

    I just watched "SuperMan Returns" a few days ago, and became curious as I was constantly astounded by the new feats the latest version of Superman was capable of. Looking at DBZ, what I consider the set precedent for ultimate power, I realized a few similarities in ability, and even some which...
  9. ~*Logan*~

    Superman Returns.... Yay?

    I've never been the biggest fan of Superman. However, seeing the previews of Superman Returns... I kinda thought it would be really good. Lex: "WRONG!!!" Superman Returns, in the end, was just a movie about Superman "returning"...and watching him save people. That's pretty much it...
  10. S

    Superman too 'big' for the big screen.,,2-1343-1344_1849549,00.html
  11. M

    Superman Wi.p.

    here's my new model,the man of steel : Superman :) Any crits or comments?
  12. R

    Smallville - Origins (if you like superman read this)

    I realise most of the stuff here is dbz stories and what not but I was bored today and decided to write this... well i wrote it a while ago.. tell me what u think. Ill post chapter one for now, then 2 after if u want me too Chapter One Clark Kent stared at the tremendously large amount of...
  13. B

    Gundam ModelS?

    Can sombody make me shining gundam and burning gundam and pleasae make them in hyper mode to please! This hand of mine is burning red,It tells me to Defeat my enamey buring.............PRBBBBBBBBBB!!!!!!(fart
  14. Deverz

    Neo vs Superman

    Who do you think would win in a fight between Neo and Superman Inside the matrix that is
  15. U


    if anyone makes a superman skin for piccolo please post it here ... i think it would be kick a$$ to see superman fly around with his eyelasers!!!!!