1. Damaera

    Dragon Age: Origins

    So Dragon Age: Origins just came out yesterday and it's apparently really good. I still have yet to grab it, but I'm definitely going to get it soon. Not sure if I'll enjoy the MMO aspect to it, but I'm sure it'll still be fun. Anyone have this yet?
  2. Deman

    X-Men Origins: Wolverine Interesting. Glad to finally get some Gambit action going on, and I laughed when I saw the Blob.
  3. Zeonix

    X-Men Origins: Wolverine Trailer Good stuff.
  4. O

    Movie on origins of modern religion

    If you liked the first third of Zeitgeist and got bored with the rest like me, I found a movie that is much longer and more detailed and interesting than Zeitgeist and pertains only with the origins of modern religion...
  5. Rocky

    The origins of Trunks' sword.

    I was getting to thinking the other day, where did future Trunks get his sword from? At first I thought well obviously from Tapion (movie 13) but then I thought no it couldn't be since in Future Trunks' timeline there was no Tapion. But after watching movie 13 again, Tapion's sword is in actual...
  6. R

    Smallville - Origins (if you like superman read this)

    I realise most of the stuff here is dbz stories and what not but I was bored today and decided to write this... well i wrote it a while ago.. tell me what u think. Ill post chapter one for now, then 2 after if u want me too Chapter One Clark Kent stared at the tremendously large amount of...
  7. B

    door problem

    If anyone uses worldcraft could u tell me how to use doors?