1. L

    Windows XP Service Pack 2

    I have SP1 and did not install SP2 becuase I heard it screwed up some programs and game's ect, It's been pretty quiet and I was wondering if I should Install SP2?
  2. Tsunami

    A Must Read for AIM Users, AOL Alters AIM Terms of Service

    What this means is that AOL/Time Warner can take any/all your conversations and reproduce it (in all forms of media), claim it as theirs, and promote it. Thusly, you waive all right to private conversations. :/
  3. N

    Military Service, Choose.(English Version)

    This is the enlgish version of Military Service, Choose. Since all the options on the original were American Military services. ;) I choose SAS
  4. OubliezJe

    Military Service, Choose.

    Which of the following are you, or would choose if you had to join. I Choose Marines.
  5. Phatslugga

    Customer Service

    Heh, gotta love it when the Customer service at a store is just vile. I bought a 40 dollar pair of shoes at JC Penney's a few weeks ago, and the toes of the shoe got scuffed really badly, to the point where the brown color came off completley and now there is a big black oval on my shoe. SO now...
  6. Nuttzy

    sigh,.. customer service sucks

    recently i was going to purchase an HDloader for ps2, (there are just as many legal things you can do with it as illegal things dont go crying warez), it can impove your loading times and you dont need to worry about the disc anymore, since it loads it onto your HD, (you do need the cd to...
  7. U

    Error: 108 Local Steam Service blah blah

    Steam likes being dumb and messing with 3rd party games sometimes. If you ever get the error "108" while trying to launch a third party game, go into your steamapps/email/half-life/yourmod folder, there will be a "steam.dll" in there. Delete it, it's not spose to be there its a bug with...
  8. U

    Help! - The Local Steam Service Is Not Running!

    For about a week now I have been getting an error when i try to start up THIRD PARTY GAMES. After the first day or so I figured it was some kinda steam error, and disregarded it. But after a week, =(.... When I start up ESF for example it gets ready to load and it says...
  9. Epedemic_Optikz

    A Sig that doesn't violate the AUP Service

    I want cucumba to come to this topic and some other mods to see if it violated the AUP.... well anyway, I changed my style... I just do very plain sigs now, i'm not that kind of specialist guy to make crystals n stuff anymore... well I give my own sig a 9/10 anyway since I really only make sigs...
  10. E

    Steam updating service

    I use the official half life updating program "steam" and when i tried to install esf, it wouldn't work... if anyone can install it, and have it work... plz tell me how you did it.
  11. -{VC}- sWiTcH

    sWiTcH's Spray Service

    So you've found out the command to spray a logo ("impulse 201"), but now what? Well I've started a service for the lazy. Ill turn any picture into a color decal, or ill make one personally. Or, if you want some standard decals (the ones that are only one color) ill turn any set of pictures...
  12. Celticus


    OKEY!!!! i'm gonna release my ingame screenshots!!! (i always call them targa's because it are targa files) :rolleyes: some pictures are from 1.0 models because i started when 1.1 wasen't released yet Here's pic: and here's the file...
  13. Mr. Satans

    Mr. Satan's Map Service

    Hey folks, ;D :yes: I have decided to start something, a little "service" or whatever for all the mappers out there. Send me you're map (In RMF or MAP Format), along with any custom wads used and/or a list of the wads used and I will fix, compile, and tweak/optimize it for better...
  14. 8bit-Fighter

    Running half life as a service

    I heard there is a program to run a half-life dedicated server in the background as a service. Does anyone know the program or anyway other way I can do it ?
  15. TimTheEnchantor

    Sig Service..

    Alright, I'm going to offer a sig service. I make a sig for you, whatever subject you want. I apply my own style to it to make a sig for you. You can choose what you want. If you want a sig here's the criteria you must I don't get any more PM's about this. Just post here...
  16. S

    I'm sorry, but If you used my Sig hosting service, they have been lost

    yes... my horrible host has suspended my site for a stupid reason which i dont want to explain. anyway, if your sig was on , then it is gone, and the uploader is gone too. BUT! my new site should be up tommorow or day after, and I will once again put up the sig...
  17. 4xMega-Saiyajin

    Image hosted by angelfire

    Y does sigs hosted by angelfire dont work? look at mine , i get a pic img hosted by angelfire , but i want my sig!!!!!!!!
  18. Big Bang Attack

    Im trying to put a pic up

    title says it all