Marvel nemesis, do you like it? *Possible spoilers!

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Jun 1, 2004
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Just bought Marvel Nemesis, all the nay say going on about it, i can't really figure out why people hate it.

One person said its slower then the demo, it must be their system or something cause i didn't experience any slowdown, the fights are fast and brutal.

Another said no combos, he doesn't really know how to link moves with supermoves+mobility and throws then, my highest is 9 hits with The Winx.

Warning Spoilers ahead!, Highlight to see!

The Thing i was skeptical at this hero first, but there something about Lobbing chars 70 feet across the screen, then elbow dropping them into the ground and leaving a mark thats just great.

Wolverine, ok this guy i didn't get at first, you think hes such a badass but when u first fight with him u get hit so much its not even funny, this was before i learned about the evade feature, Your block button is also your evade button, with Wolverine its a life saver, i still haven't been able to pull off his finishing move yet, but crawling on walls is fun =).

The Winx, What more is there to say, one minute she is there one minute she isn't, i tried button mashing with her haha big mistake, unless u know combos with winx she is quite difficult to play as.

Elektra, Now here was a fun char, martial arts that were not only flashy they were strong, and amazingly she had a ranged attack she throws kunai =).

Daredevil, Ug when u first play as daredevil u had better know how to evade, cause if u don't it will bite you square in your bum, he has such little life its rediculous, however he does so much dmg it equals out, not to mention his baton can allow him to swing like spider man, and grab u from half way across the arena.

Venom, Aha i was skeptical at first when it came to the raw power of venom, but omg he is fun, his finishing move is meh, but his fighting style rules, i haven't quite figured out the true evasive system yet, or how to stop falling but Venom is definatly a char im sure i was see alot of online.

Human Torch, Ahhhhhhh! No hp! To much dmg! Drains super powers to fast! I still have another lvl with this guy to kill 20 enemies in 3:30 seconds easy right? Not when they chuck cars, he can only pick up barrels, and street poles, but he can do some nasty dmg.

Storm, The one thing i can't stand about this game, is how they let u practice so much with melee, then shove u in against tough mobs with just powers and hope u live, But with storm is a whole new story, she completly owns, haven't practiced with her tho, so i don't know her combos yet.

FaultZone, Ballerina of death, Shockwaves emit from her arm needles, if u are near her when she pounds the ground u will go for a flight, she can lift cars, but not semis/vans, her finishing move is just stupid lol.

Brigade, i got about maybe 11 seconds with this guy, i had to kill wolverine with him, and i killed wolverine in 5 moves, match was about 9 seconds long, 2 other seconds for the ending speech haha.

Hazmat, This guy is a spider/diesease, he has a fair ammount of hp, and also can swing like a spider, his toxic ball is one of the most painful blasts in the game, and can disentegrate a pillar of solid stone.

Solora, I figured it was a female Human Torch, but it really isn't she is more of a Pure heat type rather then fire, she launches huge balls of heat that explode on impact causing minimal dmg, her air super power is a tiny ball that impodes sucking it then launching across the screen looks really cool when lots of throwables around.

Paragon, i haven't earned hey yet, but i have played with her, due to story missions, she is a mix of like 4 chars, ill let you see who.

That's all the chars i have unlocked so far, besides spidey and johnny ohm, but i haven't fiddled with them yet, i will post again to those who care to read =).

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