1. Deathshot

    Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

    Capcom is money grubbing a lot lately. As of now we have a list of the 12 New Characters we are getting a long with a new UI, Balanced Gameplay, and more. Capcom -Strider -Firebrand -Vergil -Frank West -Phoenix Wright -Nemesis Marvel: -Ghost Rider -Dr Strange -Nova -Rocket...
  2. Deathshot

    Marvel vs Capcom 3 to be announced in May?!

    After what 10 years? We finally get another. I guess its the same as Street Fighter and all. Nice to see we finally get another Great Fighter.
  3. Grega

    Disney buys marvel

  4. SS4 Gogeta

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance

    Has anyone played this yet? I just started playing this yesterday and I gotta say, I like it, especially when I can play as Wolvie right off the bat;D The graphics are good, gameplay is fun, although its kinda easy to get turned around as the camera kinda dont follow u properly somtimes...
  5. M

    Marvel Universe Online

    Source: Discuss!
  6. ZeroNightmare

    Marvel Comics: Ghost Rider Movie?

    sorry i dont have a link to a trailer but I'm sure some1 can find it... I believe i watched silent hill at my friends house or something, and then we saw a trailer for ghost rider.... with Nicolas Cage..... yeah wierd.... but the special effects looked cool as hell. thoughts :O
  7. ZeroNightmare

    marvel vs capcom 2 / street fighter sprites?

    anyone know a good website where i could get some quality sprite sheets for either of these games?
  8. M

    Marvel nemesis, do you like it? *Possible spoilers!

    Just bought Marvel Nemesis, all the nay say going on about it, i can't really figure out why people hate it. One person said its slower then the demo, it must be their system or something cause i didn't experience any slowdown, the fights are fast and brutal. Another said no combos, he...
  9. M

    Just got my demos of hulk and marvel nemesis.

    Heres what i think of them in brief spoilers, the fighting in marvel nemesis is simple but hard at the same time, a combo of normal and superpower moves mixed with mobility make for one hell of a fire works display. Short demos but kickass ones non the less. I haven't quite figured...
  10. E

    Wolverine WIP

    Hey guys, i thought id do something different than DBZ so i thought id joina marvel mod! even tho i never watch it, they characters seem interesting, anywaym heres the model, its wolverine from xmen, 1412 polys still needs a head and feel, which ill get done asap. (i just saw a...
  11. S

    do you like marvel ???

    then take a look at the new mod im helping to create its with all youre fav heroes (but not spiderman he will maybe be in the next release)