Lots of problems with steam

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Mar 16, 2004
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A few days ago, I had problems playing steam games as whenever I click on the play game tab, steam will freeze and end up not responding. I thought this might work, I ask my friend to send me his clientregistry.blob to replace mine. Well, it worked for that day and I played some games.

The next day, I get the same problem again, not responding whenever I click on the playgame tab. This time, ask him to send again. He did. It worked but, all the games in game list is gone!!!!!!!!!! including half-life 2, half-life 2 death match, counterstrike : source and earth special forces. Now I can't do anything with steam. If I try to play Half-life 2 they will ask me to preload it and it will take up 3 gig of space. Same goes for the other games. Which I already had inside my C drive! I have CS : S, HL2, ESF installed and they prompt me to preload it.

I deleted my client registry blob and tried to update again. But now, I am stuck at this updating part. Whenever I run steam, it updates, stuck, restart, not responding, close and end-task. Keeps on repeating the same process <_<

Any help would be appreciated. I have also tried to ask for help in steampowered.com but got nothing so far.

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