Kurt, Minions, NNC, etc.


Yo. Lemme introduce myself. I'm TweaK, former Minion, probably don't need to explain.
The Minions have been "hacking" (Just exploiting bugs in sloppy coding) Half Life Mods.
One of these is NNC (Naruto: Ninja Chronicles), you probably know this mod, lead by Randy/Sadner.
I've been helping Kurt get hold of the ftp/sql info the last time, and I killed the HLGaming hosting too.
I'm sick of all this **** with the minions, so I'm coming clean >_>
Another thing I did was joining their team, swearing I wasnt a minion anymore, got team info, gave it to the minions, blabla.
You probably know Phrack50 too. I used to be (good) friends with him, but not anymore. Elemental, an (ex) minion, appearantly leaked the Minion insider info to Phrack that his mod was on the hitlist.
Courtney, I know you hate me and its too late and blabla, and Im not asking for forgiveness, a new chance, or anything, just want to say... Thanks for every time you helped me and stuff, sorry this had to happen >_>
Spirit of Konoha, Elementals mod, took Kurt as 'security guy', but appearantly Elemental was never a minion, just pretending to be loyal to get info. Nice plan, got a cookie of my own dough (Since its what I did to NNC).
Randy, I'm sorry. NNC Team, I'm sorry. Jelle/Tomiro, especially to you, sorry.
Kurt, nothing personal, but I'm sick of this whole stuff >_>

Elemental, **** you, moron -_-'


Dec 20, 2002
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Keep the issues between you and whoever, and off of the boards please. Thank you.


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