1. dan_esf_fanatic

    Banner I made for the Hyuuga NNC Clan.

    Well my clan leader and myself have been modding our up-to-now rather boring-looking forums, and after changing the skin and uploading and changing all the buttons accordingly (which was a pain) we decided we need a new banner to go with the awesomeness of the skin we got. So I got down to...
  2. Zabuza2k


    Hey guys its the naruto ninja cronicels site down ?? or what
  3. LSSJ-Goku


    http://www.ninjachronicles.com again down ? Whats wrong with these guys :D they already were down and now again ! i think that proect will be done i think in 2008 x-mas ? :DDD
  4. Mobius ^^

    NNC in-game movie

    *Sorry bud but no advertising here* You may only advertise a site in your sig and I see you have already. -Phobius I just want to spread the news as fast as possible ;) Have a look people ! :laff:
  5. L

    NNC: For Half-life 1 or Half-life 2?

    Hey i was wondering will NNC be for half-life 1 or half-life 2?
  6. D


    i didnt know where to post this... but i had to post about it... the mod is sounding amazing... and ive looked around and stuff and the models are great im sure the fighting will be great... who else is looking forward to this mod... and our own imakongkong is mapping... that's naruto ninja ...
  7. T

    Kurt, Minions, NNC, etc.

    Yo. Lemme introduce myself. I'm TweaK, former Minion, probably don't need to explain. The Minions have been "hacking" (Just exploiting bugs in sloppy coding) Half Life Mods. One of these is NNC (Naruto: Ninja Chronicles), you probably know this mod, lead by Randy/Sadner. I've been helping...
  8. Sicron


    Why not? it has been hacked by Kurt once again, it makes a few million popups all saying "Hey, Im looking at *** porn", this after a while, crashes your PC, i do not know if you get any virusses from it, but as far as i know you dont get anything just warning you guys....
  9. S

    Shutting down of NNC

    Some of you may have been following the Naruto Ninja Chronicles mod. We've been hacked by Kurt too many times, and we are not able to keep our website secure. Most of our community has given up on us. I have decided to release what we had done. Here is the info if you wish to see it...
  10. N

    warning nnc forum

    everyone that go's to the nnc forum can better not go for now becours it is hacked again, you will see some realy nasty pics as popup. anyone with a weak stomick is recomended nit to go there, :warning: an pop-up killer wont help so dont try it out. :warning: give this message to other...
  11. D


    I was bored and decided to do something in PhotoShop, heres the end result... wow, its been a while since if used PhotoShop. Crits and comments welcome!
  12. D

    New siggy

    I whipped this up, and want your guys' opinions on which is better: THE OLD THE NEW I kinda like the new ones. All crits welcome :) Thanks.
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