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    Kurt Cobain

  2. T

    Kurt, Minions, NNC, etc.

    Yo. Lemme introduce myself. I'm TweaK, former Minion, probably don't need to explain. The Minions have been "hacking" (Just exploiting bugs in sloppy coding) Half Life Mods. One of these is NNC (Naruto: Ninja Chronicles), you probably know this mod, lead by Randy/Sadner. I've been helping...
  3. S

    The Kurt's PHP/MySQL website code

    we dont take any responsibility for damages to your comp! This code comes with no license so use, modify, reuse and remodify at your own risk :devsmile: And to those who really believe the crap: its php it cant damage your comp! Download Link
  4. L

    LiteNET Match #6: <-kingvegeta-> Vs. Kurt

    You Guys know the rules **READ NEW RULES AT BOTTOM** http://forum.esforces.com/showthread.php?t=48101 good luck
  5. DJ-Ready

    Maps maps maps maps maps...

    New maps r out.... esf_s2k_djready_simplearena_day esf_triforce_beta (by [-=S2k=-][email protected]) and s2k_brainbug_alpha (by Kurt and me) screenies will come in a lil...but you can download it now *hehe* (notice: if www.s2k.de.tt doesn´t work, try www.s2k-clan.de.vu)