HL1 and other HL1 mods (esf): No sound at all!!

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Oct 2, 2005
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I've had hl1 and hl1 mods on my steam for a while now...
hl1, cstrike, esf etc all worked fine until i recently dl DoD.

The startup of DoD was fine, it had the background music, the noise it makes when your mouse cursor hovers over the various option tabs ("new game", "options", "exit") etc.. it was not until i joined my first multiplayer game that all my sound disappeared.

I restarted DoD, and still no sound.. even the background music disappeared.. I checked my other hl1 mods including hl1 itself. Again, no sound!!

I then deleted all my hl1 mods, and hl1.. reinstalled hl1 by dl it off steam, and still same problem!!

I then deleted it once again, installed hl1 using the retail cd, transferred it across to steam, and still no sound!!

Any ideas? :(

my hl2, source mods all have sound, no problems with that, its just now hl1 and anything else hl1 related (mods) dont have any sound at all! :(

I've checked the audio options, and still no luck please help!! i wanna play esf but i have no sound!

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