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    Make Frieza have perm trans?

    Well I remember in the show Frieza never reverted from his trans. Frieza should get a permanent trans after going form 1, 2, 3, 4, Maybe 100%? So I think when Frieza dies he shouldn't revert because I think I remember watching a GT episode where frieza was still form 4.
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    great perm banned on server again!

    Whine or not this is getting rediculous...... I keep getting kicked and banned for no reason at all! I can only assume its because i play to good. Most of the time they say im cheating or using some kind of aimhack and im beginning to get tired and bored of this community. The only damn...
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    Perm transformation Characters

    I was playing Esf on a server and i was Super Krillen and Evil Buu and they were both transformed when i attacked an opponment with the same Pl as me when he killed me i lost like 300K pl and it happens everytime they kill u but when u kill them u only gain like 100 K pl i think it needs to be...