1. B

    My girlfriend's creations!

    Hey ESFers, my girlfriend has an Etsy page and she loves to make necklaces, bracelets, and jewelry of that manner. I'd like to know what you guys think, as I'm very proud of her! :3 She even made me a Dragonball chain made of beads to hang from my backpack XD...
  2. Bandock

    Fanmade DBZ Music Creations

    Starting a thread like this in case I have more fan-made versions of the music from DBZ designed. To start it off, I would like to share a piece ya should recognize from the Japanese (as well as the Digitally Remastered) versions made using a USB-connected keyboard along with Anvil Studio to...
  3. Naz

    Nessaja Creations.

    For anyone that might still remember me... Here is, pretty much everything I have done in the past 2 ears since I retired. I find myself playing ESF a lot with friends lately, so I slowly crawled back in the forum checking it again. Not a lot has changed, really, not a lot at all...
  4. J


    yay im unbanned and now i can post da bender :D for whoever did not see on sos, just a quickie model i did when i was bored. 850 polies w/o accessories :D crits, comments?
  5. T

    I draw...manga...I'm new at it though.^_^

    I draw....some stuff...>.> Why not check it out? ^_^
  6. U

    Post your Best Creations in here

    Okay this a Post to post all your best Works of art on models And put the link to it so we can dl it too okay
  7. Naz

    Pros- Nessaja Creations

    Forgotten Cassius Gateway Yahel Enlightment source In chronological order so last one is most likely best \o/ comments appreciated :) grtz Naz

    I search for models, please post your creations Here Please

  9. Guru_San

    Anyone wanna colour this???

    Hey All, let me first off say, Nice work with these Kuyuaga, You have skillz right there. May i also say that Niatu is my chara and Akira is Kuyuaga's could someone (ryoko, hehe) Colour these for me? Id like to see what they are like, Just a question. Thats Niatu Kick @s$ Akira by...