1. Skyrider downtime Information [Site/Forum News]

    Hey everyone, For the past few days, was completely broken. The only thing that did worked were the sub-domains, such as and the other links that mostly none of you use. Do make a long story short, it was my fault that it broke in the first place. I needed to...
  2. Barney's_Soul

    Got a strange Email from

    Did you all get this?
  3. Suh Dude

    ESFORCES.COM is worth $11k?

    Not sure if this is legimate or not but I found this site a while ago. >.> Type in and it'll come up what is worth, one I got was almost $11k. Thats alot, I mean Greg can sell the domain... get $11k and buy life supply of pr0n. ;0
  4. K

    whats up with the site? why hasnt it been updated lately all the content was supposed to be back a couple weeks ago
  5. C's pic on front page

    maybe a dumb question but what is that pic of on the front page with the vegeta looking at the big blue explosion thingy??
  6. S

    Who runs the server

    I was just in this server under the name ESFn00b and some Slifer the Sky dragon guy makes a vote to kick me. I beat him and every one there but because they were new to the game. Any how I was lagging like crazy and still beat them. The guy accused me of hacking... I am not angry but find it...
  7. Z !?

    when i go to, i get a french message about Apache Software Foundation ... well, i just want to know what is that, and if you got the same message that i get ...
  8. L Servers!

    well....since nobody has said anything about the official server..... WHERE DID IT GO?!?! i mean, i only see the WEST servers...but the EAST servers are gone...and i really really lag in the west servers.. so if anyone knows about what happened to it..plz post me~
  9. S US East servers?

    What happened to the East Coast Servers?
  10. Dr. Zaius servers

    I think this has already been asked, but no one answered it I think. Why are the servers not allowing Trunks melee and Vegeta's Renzoku/Ki blasts? It really prevents much use of Trunks at all, and hurts Vegeta. Yet Goku still gets Earth SB, I dunno about Kame Torps. Why would...
  11. F

    Question about the server.

    I've recently started up of esforces, which I think is very awesome. As far as servers go, the server looks the most appealing. Problem is, I'm getting kicked without reason. I haven't cursed, or used any obscene language, and I do believe I was playing the game according to the...
  12. D server, horrible

    god i like playin on the servers but thats j7ust plain pathetic, they drop people CONSTANTLY, and it mkes me mad, also, my hl crashes a hell of alot more than it did for 1.0, any solutions
  13. E

    ESFORCES.COM server files !!!

    who ever runs the servers can u plz contact me, i need the official server file cus were haveing problems down here in the uk trying to get some dedicated servers up. plz contact me or guys at me [email protected] regards Ezekiel tryed...
  14. S beta 1.1 server PROBLEM

    I was just at the beta 1.1 server and i kept getting dropped or kicked i dont know which, and it is getting a bit old and very annoying, I didnt do anything to get dropped or kicked, so i must ask what is up with it. Also there are some bugs as well that I would like to point out...
  15. E servers

    I'm not sure if it's just me, but for the last week I've not seen the servers up when I updated, I don't know if it's a problem with me or if I missed some announcement of them coming down, but if anyone can enlighten me upon the problem, please do =)
  16. J

    How do i join the servers

    How do i join these servers i have yet to figure it out. thanx.
  17. P Servers

    why on your servers does gohan not have his masenko and piccolo doesnt have his skattering beam? Are there anyother moves you removed?
  18. eminence Servers

    I've been playing on the ESF Server #1 West alot.. and just like 10 minutes ago I noticed that alot of people have been getting kicked. There'd be like 8 people on the server and than all of a sudden 6 of them would "leave the game" all simultaneously... I'm just wondering is there like a...
  19. G Servers

    Ok, ive just finished setting up the following servers with Mastasurf. They are 24/7 Dedicated, running on P4 2.0Ghz machines, on Linux. ESFORCES.COM Central #1 - ESFORCES.COM Central #2 - ESFORCES.COM West #1 - ESFORCES.COM...
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