1. Skyrider

    Forum downtime :: February 12!

    Tomorrow in the afternoon to evening (+1 GMT) there will be a down time of a few hours of the forums. This is because an archive forums is going to be made, and we are going to cut down the size of the current public used forums (this one). The current forums is way too big and really has to be...
  2. Skyrider downtime Information [Site/Forum News]

    Hey everyone, For the past few days, was completely broken. The only thing that did worked were the sub-domains, such as and the other links that mostly none of you use. Do make a long story short, it was my fault that it broke in the first place. I needed to...
  3. P

    esf downtime?

    well yesterday the esf web was down, was it the host or is there new updates or something and it was downtoday 4 some reason i just am wondering and wana no y
  4. M

    ESF Downtime

    hmm ne one kno wat happened? and y is the forums ummm "dead" at the moment? do u think they were uploading 1.1 or something (O.o) or do u think the server was just down? Edit: my bad esf forums is not dead, i just didnt configure my time settings lol
  5. G

    Simple ESF Wallpaper of Trunks and Vegeta

    :laff: This is something I made on photoshop and some pics I took while I was playing loco and I decided to make a SIMPLE wallpaper of that I think its ok I just made it simple Ill post a PROFESSIONAL wallpaper later on for now im busy learning to MODEL with 3ds MAX but CRITS for the wallpaper...
  6. TimTheEnchantor

    Boom boom, new site!

    LiqueFaction Version 1. LiqueFaction Sig for useless response:
  7. Renyori

    wtf website downtime

    wtf is up with this!?? it says 48-72 hour downtime yet its like 72 DAYS!