1. A

    If any1 is so kind

    hi i have a lot of problems with my ESF i tried and looked at every bug/bugfix and i still cant get my game to work ... so could any1 pls UPLOAD the full Clinet of ESF i mean then one that u use to run or ESF normal so pls could any1 do me this favor ? tnx
  2. ssj4_goku

    does any1 have af vegito models for esf?

    hey guys, i was just wondering does any1 have any af models for vegito where he can go up to ssj3/4?;D
  3. J

    Could any1 help ?

    can any1 upload ur current esf(full of current version) to any link such as,so i can dl from there.I donno y i download the full version of ESF but its still missing some files,its might not valid dll files or using steam now but i still cannot go into the game even i try...
  4. dan_esf_fanatic

    Any1 know this guy?

    I just played ESF online with a guy named Drew, and I'm confused: First, when we fought on someone else's server, he seemed weak and n00b. Then, when he invited us to his server, which BTW is called Gore, he was able to beat the four of us 65 to 6!! Any1 know who he is? He says he fought Grega...
  5. Zedge

    Can any1 help?

    Um.. i can't play on any servers.. it says my cd key is invalid.. can any1 help me pls :).. i'd really appreciate the help....;D
  6. D

    Hey any1 noe this music?

    I was watching the Jarhead trailer when i was in theathers i was wondering wut is the title for the song heres the trailer i'm talking about the song at 1:10 so can any1 help me out? EDIT: i found the music so some1 close this thread
  7. L

    Can any1 give me tutorial for GMax

    ok i just started this and i have no clue what to do so can any1 give me simple tutorial with simple words or video?
  8. DustMan2704

    any1 know thes msuci in this combo-video?

    iv seen this video and i thought this music rox,but i dont know the band or title of the song can any1 tell me? here is link to the dmc3 combo video(u have to register for free to download) second mirror(no register needed)...
  9. D

    any1 got a good kamehameha sprite?

    i got a real crap spr atm any1 got a good 1 i can use?
  10. jackass5000

    umm any1 know a reason the in-game mp3 player aint working for me?

    said all in title O_O
  11. I

    cab any1 make a map of the love hina manga?????

    it would be so cool if u could make a map of the love hina :laff: so try make the hina school
  12. DaMan

    can any1 make me a sig???

    Can any1 make me a sig with brolly pictures, green background and saying SSJ_Gidoen thx in advance :)
  13. |Overlord|

    does any1 know where i can find evm bots ?

    does any1 know where i can find evm compatible bots. b4 i had evm i was using bot version 3.1 - i am maybe thinking v2.0 of esf bots maybe compatible with it i am just not sure yet. if there are no bots avalible for it would any1 bother making bots for evm ?
  14. F

    Any1 pls!!! need help with msn :((((((((((

    :cry: i can't sign in in MSN because it says that i am behind a fireawall pls if any1 can help me :((((((((
  15. E

    Does any1 know where I can download eminem lose Your Self MP3

    If you do Pls post da website here thanx
  16. M

    ESF Little Fighter 2(ReSkin)Project(WIP) - any1 willing to...

    <center>ESF Little Fighter 2 (ReSkin) Project (WIP)</center> I thought of this idea not long ago, recently I see more and more that it can be done eventually! with the willing modelers and my natural spiriting capabilities( :p ) it should look awesome! in the end it will be pretty huge...
  17. M

    any1 knowbs what is going on with the DBNG comics?

    any1 knowbs what is going on with the DBNG comics? are there going to be published any new Valiumes any time now?...
  18. KYnetiK

    goddamn DLL error....can any1 help?

    greetings fellow Z fighters...anyhow iv installed esf 1.1 and bots onto the PC at my TAFE (which if u dont know its like a college between uni and high school in australia) because they r better comps than mine at home - an ancient ancient P2 350. When i go to run a LAN game, after i select...
  19. M

    Does any1 knows where REDSAIYAN went?

    The gr8 ESF and more downloading site - or whatever it is... is offline for a long time is any1 knows what happend to it please respand BTW(ingviesTIONalitytion) - maybe the link in is broken. if so then respand with a new working link please...
  20. B

    Modeler/ Skinner/ Animator

    Hi... listen i need 3 modelers and 2 skiners and some Animators if any1 intrasting talk to me in icq 146481745 and another thing.... i am always invisible on icq... so write to me even if i am offline you get informetion if you talk with me on the icq.... i can't talk on this here so...
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