DMZ VS ESF flamers.

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Nov 25, 2001
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Mod flamers:
1.) ESF and DMZ are differnt mods, jsut take away the DBZ theme and the only similarites are fly,beam, and physical melee.

2.) Most of you havent played the new DMZ or ESF yet. Dont make assumtions.

3.) ESF Beta one is basicly complete, DMZ's 1.8 has been in the works only for a few months. (ie: We're still developing the features,effects, etc)

4.) These are games made volunteerly to entertain you people.
hmm, let me give you an example of what it's like:
You write an essay for English. You spend hours upon hours writting it. You feel proud of it and are excited to turn it in to see your teacher's complements. Then when you turn it in, your teacher compares your work with another student's essay (from another class) and says your's is "crap." even though both papers have dynamic content, s/he favors the other student and then the teacher proceeds to rip up your essay and then asks you to write another one. Get the picture?

5.) With the upcomming versions, DMZ and ESF are pushing in differnt directions. Both have the same features (such as melee) but they are implemented almost completly differently, Both which are stunning.

(No more DMZ VS ESF) Yes, their are fanboys but they should control themselves. Most DMZ and ESF team members agree that they are dissapointed at thier fans for acting in such a way.

and that concludes my rant of the shameful ridducule between DMZ and ESF.
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Nov 24, 2001
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Good post, i completly agree. Sticking + closing it.

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