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Dec 21, 2003
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You'll need to setup amx and get some plugins if you desire to change your powerlevels on your server. You can get amx from
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Aug 16, 2004
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Kaination said:
Well, I made this tutorial a while ago for the mod Earth's special forces and I'm to lazy to create a CS one, it's basically the same guidelines, so try to follow along:

K, heres the guide. I'll start to need to post links after a while, theres going to be a few pictures. Anyways, here's the guide.

Step one:
Go to the download section in and download the full install.

Step two:
Get done installing, blah blah blah. Run it, and get to the point where you see this:

I'll give you a quick low-down of what the main things are.

Steam Dedicated server: This is where when you want to run a server where you can have the server up using a program, and not ESF.

Steam Listen Server: This is where you open up ESF, goto create new game.

Step three: Select one of the dedicated or listen server. For this example, I used listen server. A menu of games will pop up. Select Earth's special forces.

Hit Next.

Step four: Let it install. After installation, goto your ESF folder and look at your amx folder (Steam/steamapps/youremail/half-life/ESF/addons/amxmodx)

Step five: To make things easier on yourself, goto the configs folder, and open the modules file in notepad.

Take off all the ; where theres a module. Heres mine.

; AMX Mod X Modules
; You can specify both linux & win32 modules here
; To enable a module, remove the semi-colon from the line

; ------------------------------
; Fun - provides extra functions
; ------------------------------

; ----------------------------------------------------
; Engine - provides engine functions core to Half-Life
; ----------------------------------------------------

; ----------------------------------------------------------
; Fakemeta - provides a massive interface into the HL engine
; ----------------------------------------------------------

; -------------------------------------------
; Database Access - only enable one of these
; -------------------------------------------
; PostgreSQL
; Microsoft SQL
; SQLite

; ---------------------------------------------
; GeoIP - determines the country of ip adresses
; ---------------------------------------------

; --------------------------------
; Sockets - network socket support
; --------------------------------

; --------------------------
; Regular Expression support
; --------------------------

; --------------------
; Binary Vault support
; --------------------
Step six: Now we got to go get you a plug-in.

I wrote numbers, so follow along:

1. Click Plug-ins.
2. Go to Mods.
3. Go to Earth's Special Forces.
4. Click Search.

Step seven: For the example I'm using, I'm using the plug-in "ESF Powerlevel changer"

Step eight: Download both of these:

Step nine: You're almost there.

Go to your configs folder, shown above, and open the file plugins in notepad.

Step ten: In this folder, at the bottom you want to add the name of the .amxx file you downloaded earlier.

; Custom - Add 3rd party plugins here
It should look like that on the end.

Step eleven: go to your plugins folder, and put esf_powerlevel_changer.amxx in there.

Step twelve: Last step.

Go to your scripting folder, and put the esf_powerlevel_changer.sma in there.

Congradulations, you have it.

How to work this particular plugin
Inside console, you want to type:

esf_powerlevel "name" "number of PL you want"

So for example, if my name was Kaination in-game, and I wanted 10,000,000 PL, it'd be:

Esf_powerlevel "Kaination" "10000000"

And there you go. Have fun.

Also note... When you get other plugins, they usually tell you how to work it inside the description.


There you go : )

That took me roughly 30 minutes to put together... Man, do I feel accomplished o/
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