1. DaFeLa

    Valves new console called Piston

    Much has been speculated about the so-called "steam box". Now there are concrete facts from Valve. Among other things, the device now has a different name. This more technical CES Valve and hardware manufacturers have unveiled the Xi3 "Piston". With this mini-computer, it is possible to play...
  2. Mangaman1001

    Console errors

    When I install Big Pack 8.4 it works, but I have this in my console: Reading bot_names file... done Reading bot_chat file... done Reading bot_personalities file... done Reading sbot.cfg file... done Reading skill.cfg file... done No detail texture mapping file...
  3. tuty

    ESF Console commands?

    Hey guys, i need that command name, when you choose a character in console, like "buu", "cell", "goku" etc. But i can't figure out how is named that command for "random characters"
  4. D

    How one can raise his power level by console

    I wanted to ask whether be one by console powerlevel can raise, or goes only with Dragonballs.
  5. C


    heey, i got an question about the console are there text that increase pl or ki or something that way becayse my brother and i play sometimes on lan ESF and he cry much times that he can not win. so my idea whas to ask if there whas an option to make his pl higher then me and that it easier...
  6. B

    Help me make a console decision please

    Disclaimer: I do not want people bickering about which is 'better' i want facts about each console from an unbiased source for each console. As I know only so much about each. Should I get the Wii, PS3, or Xbox360. Here's what I know, please correct me if I'm mistaken. The Wii: It's...
  7. M

    New console from China!, The Vii!!!.... wtf?..

    Yeah, it's true, China is making a new console called Vii (Wii anyone?..) which looks exactly like Nintendo's Wii (the same console and controller look, but what about the games?..) Anyways, I think we're back to the days when there used to be fake copies of Nintendo's old console the NES (here...
  8. M

    Wii now #1 selling console this generation so far

    Nintendo's Wii has taken over Microsoft's XBOX 360 in console sales this generation, 9 million vs. 8.9 million. This is number of consoles sold to consumers, not the amount sold to retailers (a dubious figure that Microsoft loves to throw out). What took Microsoft almost 2 years, Nintendo did...
  9. Vejta SSJ

    Console help

    Is there any way to open and play console in esf?If it is possible tell me how?
  10. Suh Dude

    Problemo with Virtual Console?

    I got wifi working and I went to the Virtual Console for the first time and got the Opera browsing trail thing, pretty cool. Now I wanna go into the Virtual Console again to look around, but it won't let me for some reason. It keeps saying "Connecting" for 10 minutes straight. Anyone get this...
  11. Sandstorm

    What are the current virtual console titles?

    As the name asks, what's current available for Virtual Console on the Wii? I don't have a Wii, so I can't really bring up that menu to see for myself...
  12. ~*Logan*~

    Square-Enix possible console?!

    I opened up my new GameInformer magazine and something caught my eye in the Loose Talk section. Apparently, the prez over at SE has been making comments about wanting to hop on board the console market. There's no news as to what, why, when, where, or how, but if SE is making a console, I think...
  13. S

    Command Console

    Hey sorry to be a pain, but what do i press to open up the command console?
  14. B

    Square Enix to enter console race ?

    Im wondering about recently: does anyone else think that maybe Square is scared by Sony's recent decisions? If you've noticed, Square has really upped the ante on making Nintendo games nd are even making a new 360 game there are four Nintendo system games in production, two DS and two Wii. and...
  15. |Overlord|

    Wii console specs unvelied We already knew that some of the specs were going to be the same as the gamecube, but it seems a few additions and improvements are being made here and there.
  16. M

    The Ultimate Console Test X-PLAY!
  17. clen

    Which Console?

    I created a thread like this about a year ago when not much info on any of the next-gen consoles was out except for the 360, now this is a thread about which (if any) console are you planning on getting (or already own) this is not a which console is better than another thread so play nice.
  18. andriusa2

    small problem with console

    So then I try to enter some command or cvar in conse after first symbol it closes and i can't enter any commands or cvars, can some1 help me?
  19. Suh Dude

    PC Games compared to Console Games?

    I've been noticing that PC Games are getting alot cheaper once they release. Like for example, the game Doom 3, it was $59.99 When I got it on the release date, next four weeks they reduced it to $30 dollars. Next month, I see it for only $15. For the console games, they stay the same for...
  20. S

    console command

    Hi! Can please anyone tell me the console command for KI/powerlevel ? Thx