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Oct 27, 2004
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Melee for ESF seems like a very delicate thing to come up with, so I will try to fabricate a system that would work for everyone.

Basic Melee
Basic melee will still work as it is. You right click, a person whill be sent flying. The screen will shake somewhat hwen you do this (can be turned off/on). Increase the max hits to four, but damage decreasing by each hit.

Basic melee should be chargeable when in turbo mode. Not so much that a green bar is necessary, but basically how high jump works. If you hold down the right click, when you release, you will send a ki-using attack that does more damage and gives farther, longer knockback.

New Advanced Melee
This kind of melee needs to be revamped so that it is something that new layers can easily do, but better players would be able to master and have fun with.

When two people collide with advanced melee, instead of a hand struggle, they will begin doing one of those classic DBZ battles when the punches and kicks start flying randomly. For equal oppurtunity, the arrow part will remain the same.

When advanced collides with basic melee, same thing happens as it is now.

Now the new advanced melee would work like this...Instead of going into a new mode that isolates the two playes from the rest of the game, it will be more of a real-time fight.
How it would work
Player A flies into player B using Advanced melee. Does something like a prepunch. After that, two bars appear, which I will explain later. There are no taking turns. Player A must use W,A,D, S, Mouse 1 and Mouse 2 to fight. Mouse one handles punches, mouse 2 handles kicks, and WASD dictates the direction of the attack.

So Player A could press mouse1 and hold w, he will do a weak punch up, then he can hold A and press mouse2 to do a weak kick to the left. If Player A wants to, he can hold down mouse1/2 to make it go from weak, to medium, to strong. This is where one of the bars some in, the "Stamina" bar. The longer you charge an attack, the more the bar depletes. It will charge on it's own when not attacking.

Now what is Player B doing during this? Defending himself. By using the WASD buttons, he can hold one of them to dodge to the right, left, up, or down. So if Player A sends an upwards attack, he will need to dodge down. If it's a straight attack, any button would do. For every attack dodged, Player B's Stamina goes up. For every attack landed, Player B's stamina goes down. If Player A is throwing extremely fast weak punches and you can not dodge all of them, pressing the block button wil have you block any attack, but will decrease the second gauge, the "guard gauge". Stronger attacks deplete more of it and it can eb recovered over time or by landing hits. Player B does not have to wait for an artificial time to strike, he can strike when he sees an opening, whether it be Player A losing all of his stamina or missing a blow. However, if he presses it at the wrong time, he will suffer a counter blow.

Now what happens if the Stamina Bar is depeted? The player is stunned and can not move until it is recovered, giving the other player a chance to charge a strong attack to knock them back. Any time a hard attack lands, it will be a knockback. The bar can go empty if a) One uses too many stamina-burning attacks, causing exhaustion or b) One recieves such a good combo that they become stunned.

If the guard bar depletes, you can not guard until it recovers.

If the Stamina bar happens to be full and the opponent is stunned, weapons like the kamehameha are usable, except instead of blowing up, it sends the person flying, being engulfed by the beam/blast.

Advanced melee ends when a person is knocked back, a person dies, or no action is taken after a length of time.

A swooping aura will only appear when using turbo, faster than normal swoop.

teleporting leaves after images for certain players, but Characters that can use instant transmission get "lines" and can teleport through players instead of into them.

Ki Used in Melee

If a target is directly under the cross hair, the right click ki blast will be slighly homing, so they have a purpose instead of just making ki blobs.

If an attack is delfectable, holding right click while melee is selected will send the attack back where it came from.

Good luck to anyone who reads all of this.
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Dec 21, 2003
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I liek the basic melee suggestion, for a min i thought it would be unbalanced, but the charge for it complements the balance for the idea.

The new adv melee suggestion you got there would be really fast paced, esf is a fast paced game, but however it could be a thing that I would imagine to be hard to implament, but it may take a long while what exactly to all figure out what can be done in a fight like that and what not.

All up though it sounds like a good set of suggestions :yes:.


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Dec 14, 2005
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Instead of going into a new mode that isolates the two playes from the rest of the game, it will be more of a real-time fight.
Your idea is introduced contrary to what it actually provides, it seems -- by creating a "back-and-forth" system, you will isolate the players from the rest of the game even further.

You never covered how the two players can interact with other players without breaking away, and you didn't cover the part where the other players interact.

Even worse, your advanced melee idea gives a serious advantage to (heaven forbid!) scripting players that can throw out ridiculous numbers of weak punches that, without blocking, are near-impossible to dodge. Hell, even crap players can throw out tons of damage to players better than they, because they may be able to press buttons faster.

Your idea here places too much time locked in advanced melee and rewards players with little-to-no aim or actual skill, who will instead decide to practice locking and then spamming buttons as quickly as they can.

I like your idea of stamina -- my biggest complaint with advanced melee isn't that it's random, but that damage goes directly to your health bar. If I accidentally lock with a Buu controlled by an idiot while I'm playing as Gohan with 5 health, I'm probably going to lose any advanced struggle because of randoms as-is. The worst part of the situation is that, even though I'm a better player ("better" in the sense that I manage ki better, react more quickly with smarter choices, and target faster), there's nothing I can do -- even one hit from a player with a higher PL is going to waste all of that well-managed ki.

What if, instead, damage during advanced melee drained ki first? In your example, your ki would represent stamina (as it does at every other time in the game, see: movement.). My idea would be that damage taken during advanced melee would, in the best case (for you), nearly-deplete your ki.

I'm not sure who posted it a while back (I believe it was Grega), but there was something put up about Vegeta having an attack that would pin opponents to the wall and directly drain a small amount of ki. Some poster whose name I've forgotten hailed this idea, because "there's no direct way to attack a player's ki". Advanced melee, I believe, should so be called because it is actually, in fact, advanced. If every hit in advanced melee as-is instead depleted a comparable amount of ki, new players would be much less willing to start with better players after noticing that they become essentially "sitting ducks" and get kiblasted to death while they float in the air trying to swoop-stop away without energy.

I've recently noticed that it was rather a tad silly to have a game that's "about" managing ki that lacked a direct way to attack an opponent's.

OT: What's the rule here on double-posting? I'd like to address the basic melee seperately for...well, I assume reasons that are obvious.


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Jun 18, 2003
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You're really not allowed to double post.

Actually ontopic: I have to say Wat, I agree with every point you have made. I do think Advanced melee needs a lot more tweaking than just that, but it's a very good start :yes:.

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