Abominations: A Hellsing Fan Fiction

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Nov 6, 2004
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[align=center]Abominations: A Hellsing Fan Fiction
Order 01 (Part A): Desecration

*Five years after the incident at Lanchester Church.*

[align=left]*Hellsing HQ*

"Sir Integra! Sir Integra, come in!", sounded the radio. "Yes, what is it?", said Integra. "We're under attack by enemy ghouls! Their numbers are unknown, and we've not yet located the Freak controlling them". "Find and kill the vampire! Don't you fools know that once the vampire is dead, all his servants will diminish along with him!? He must be hiding somewhere nearby. Search the entire subway! Find and eliminate him!". "Yes, Sir Integra, but this is unusual. These ghouls aren't the same as the last time we fought them! They're completely immune to shots to the head and heart!". "W-what!? What did you just say!? Walter! Alert Alucard and Seras immediately! Inform them of the situation, and then dispatch them as soon as possible!". "Yes, Sir Integra", said Walter, bowing and leaving the room.

"These damned ghouls! What the hell has been going on lately? Ever since Alucard destroyed the vampire at Lanchester Church over 5 years ago, we've been seeing situations we've never encountered before. Now it seems the Freaks are becoming ever stronger. And with their growth in strength, their servants grow stronger as well", said Integra to herself. "Just what the hell is happening..."

As Integra sat in her office, pondering these many things for well over an hour, Walter re-entered the room. "Sir Integra, Alucard and Seras are on location, and dealing with the problem", he said. "Good news. Any report on the vampire?", replied Integra. "No, no report at all. We've come almost to the conclusion that the vampire isn't even on scene, and is controlling the ghouls from another location". "What!? Just what the hell is going on!? I want you to radio the commander on scene. Have him relay that information to Alucard and Seras". "Right away, Sir Integra!", said Walter, leaving the room once again.

*Meanwhile, at the subway station.*

As Alucard and Seras arrive at the police station, the sound of heavy gunfire and screams can be heard from inside."Hey, police woman!", said Alucard. "Yes, master?", replied Seras. "According to Walter's information, these ghouls are immune to shots to the head and heart, but don't take that as an excuse to get rusty. Two shots to the heart, and one to the head!". Alucard and Seras proceeded into the subway station to lend assistance to the troops inside.

(To be continued in Part B.)

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