1. Shadi

    Fiction? I doubt So y'all believed Saiyans were fiction? This video proves vice versa! Racism lol, he keeps the black hair after the transformation.
  2. Deathshot

    Pulp Fiction Audio Mix Beasty
  3. Brim

    Global Warming: Fact or Fiction?

    Hee hee I loved the Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction show where you had to decide whether a story was genuinely strange or just some BS that the writing staff came up with. However I found it to be a nice exercise for doing what I like to do most, breaking down a situation, analyzing it, and...
  4. Spunky

    Abominations: A Hellsing Fan Fiction

    Abominations: A Hellsing Fan Fiction Order 01 (Part A): Desecration *Five years after the incident at Lanchester Church.* *Hellsing HQ* "Sir Integra! Sir Integra, come in!", sounded the radio. "Yes, what is it?", said Integra. "We're under attack by enemy ghouls! Their numbers are unknown...
  5. DiebytheSword

    The Spark of Divinity (a Fan Fiction)

    It's about time for me to pony up Cucumba's back story . . . so here it comes. I don't know how often I'll be able to write in it, but it will give those who write about him an insight into his past and perhaps his future. The first installment is under construction, please post comments in a...
  6. PiXel

    Ashoura.. Fiction model! It my new model.. just a fiction model.. say what you like or not!... :] (I WONT RELEASE IT!)
  7. Alteh

    Science Fiction books

    Hey, I felt like reading a good science fiction book but don't know any. Can you guys please tell me some good ones.
  8. D

    Fan Fiction: Raziel's New Journey

    I was bored today so I decided to type some fan fiction, I hope you like it all, and more chapters are comming soon, and please remember I'm doing this fun, so I don't care about your opinion really :P Raziel’s New Journey A Story based on Soul Reaver written by DPredator Chapter 1: A...
  9. T

    First pages of my manga

    Hey, inspired by the works of David (DBNG) I' have started a fanmanga aswell and I have allready uploaded a couple pages (don't have a cover yet, If you have an idea for a cover just post it) So take a look and I would like to know what you think of it. But please don't tell me that I'm no...
  10. J

    Fan Fiction

    hey, i was thinking that a fanfic would be nice :) people that wanna join, reply plz :) and we all write a certain part of the story 1 by 1. we will have a solid crew of about 5 persons I think. and we discuss with eachother what the story will be (discuss on mIRC or PM, and we will only discuss...
  11. S

    Fan Fiction To mY Site

    Okey as some of you knows.....i shutted down ma' RPG, it needs more testing, but all the characters taken will remain untill i Revive it.. Well now im making a information site only...... And if anybody has some Fan Art / Fan Fiction....... Then post it, or send it to my e-mail...