1. Spunky

    Abominations: A Hellsing Fan Fiction

    Abominations: A Hellsing Fan Fiction Order 01 (Part A): Desecration *Five years after the incident at Lanchester Church.* *Hellsing HQ* "Sir Integra! Sir Integra, come in!", sounded the radio. "Yes, what is it?", said Integra. "We're under attack by enemy ghouls! Their numbers are unknown...
  2. Nuttzy

    super evil beast lookin thing

    well, i got bored and i remembered an old fusion i made up called berceolo, (burter and piccolo, and i started building him, but when i got done with teh head, i just said screw it and made him something new, i dont plan on finishing him but id any of you do ill give you the ms3d