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Thread: Earth Special Forces - ESF ECX RC2 - CCI Question - Transformation by Powerlevel

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    Oh my god, thank you so much. I can get it from here. I'm trying to do this:

    You are in base form, but you have enough power to just instantly transform to super saiyan 4. But when you descend you go back to base form.

    I think I can get it from here, I never really got into that other part of AMX codes, but I am understanding how this works now, thanks to me downloading AMX and looking things up about it.
    Thank you so much Jerry, you guys two.

    I know how to make the transformations and attacks, sound, some core. I even made some fusion characters. Which isn't that hard really. I've been doing this for a long time honestly. Just never gotten into stuff like this.
    I think I got it from here. Like I said earlier. If it does work I'll post it in here. For anyone else to know.

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    Well, I have a problem. The code only changes your model when you press Z. And its pretty glitchy about it.

    I might just stick with regular esf transformations. Like to go through all of them to get to ssj4. But I don't want to do that.
    I want to give this a try and figure this all out for anyone who wants to know aswell.

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    that's a simple check example, if you want to add something else like PL, HP, SPEED ETC, write your code into that check :3
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    Thanks Jerry, now I really think I understand it now.

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