1. Nick_Da_Wizard

    Vacation of hell (An ESF fan fiction)

    :warning::warning::warning::warning::warning::warning: So we start this story after the development of ESF as finished. As a celebration I invite all members to a hotel in my hometown and we party all night. But what isn't known is...
  2. Deathshot

    Marines, police, firemen and more prep for mock zombie invasion

    Source: http://www.federalnewsradio.com/407/3096034/Marines-police-prep-for-mock-zombie-invasion
  3. The Deco

    Arma 2 24$! Zombie survival team needed!

    Steam summer sale. I am seriously considering to buy Arma II Combined Operations for 24$ just for DayZ. Thing is I don't think ill buy it without knowing someone will join me. So any forum memebers willing to form up a zombie survival team?
  4. RavenTrunks

    Zombie Attack in Florida.

    http://miami.cbslocal.com/2012/05/26/miami-police-confrontation-men-leaves-1-dead-1-hurt/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLy1bk0Ps7E&feature=related And they called me crazy when I made my preparations...
  5. ESCachuli

    Zombie Survival Mode

    Hi! As the title says, I was thinking about including a co-operative game mode that is about surviving zombie horde rounds. Yeah, that doesn't really fit Dragon Ball Universe, but is a just for fan mode. It can be a mode where you can't fly (zombies also can't) or where zombies can also...
  6. Z Power

    Dead Island! Zombie games are no longer over-rated.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=lZqrG1bdGtg :cry:
  7. Viper

    The Zombie killing object thread!

    With the whole Dead Rising 2 craze, I've found this image on the interwebs. And LCD display. I guess I could just beat them on the head with it and do some decent damage.
  8. SS4 Gogeta

    Zombie caterpillars

    http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn14053-zombie-caterpillars-controlled-by-voodoo-wasps.html?DCMP=ILC-tabView&nsref=dn14053%20 Wow, I wonder what would happen if a larger creature were to be infected :shocked:
  9. Dokutayuu

    Zombie Loan

    I came across Zombie Loan. It's pretty odd. Basically a girl who can see who will die soon and who are secretly zombies. She's accompanied by 2 guys who are undead but hunt zombies to pay their debt for cheating death. There's only 12 episodes and 5 volumes though. Anyone else seen/read...
  10. Skyrider

    Looking for scary / zombie games!

    I'm looking for really scary and or zombie games! Such as Doom III, etc. If you know a game, please enter the name of the game in your reply, thanks! :D
  11. Spunky

    Zombie Panic: Source

    http://www.zombiepanic.org I swear, this is my new favorite HL2 mod. Been playing it for the last couple of days and holy crap, it's so much fun!!!
  12. Spunky

    Zombie's Halloween

    Source: http://www.halloweenmovies.com/h9_lobby.html Guess this has been around for a while, but I missed it. Personally, I feel like he's the man to do it. He pretty much revived what I consider to be true horror when he did House of 1000 Corpses. A lot of people didn't like it because they...
  13. majin uub

    Zombie games?

    ello ello, iv been so bored, and was wondering if there are any good zombie games that i should try for the pc, like something i can download and play, not go out and buy. Iv tried the web based game Urban Dead and wasnt too pleased, so anyone got any ideas? post em up!
  14. Punishing

    Started Modeling a zombie

    I started modeling a zombie and this is what is done so far. P.S.: Also installed Windows XP
  15. M

    What if there was a zombie epidemic?

    I was watching Land of the Dead when I got this idea: <O:p</O:p What would you do if one day, all chaos breaks loose? Every television and radio station starts broadcasting reports of the recently deceased are somehow coming back to life. You hear reports that this epidemic is occurring in all...
  16. I

    Zombie Friend!

    http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/263549 The Idea came to me 4 am in the morning so I spent one day workin on this flash. Tell me what you think of it.
  17. GhostfaceKillah

    Zombie Horror pwns j000!!!!

    Yeah Um, this is like a sig for my mod, theres a link in my sig if your interested... http://www.deviantart.com/view/3069409/ Critz and comments please.
  18. N

    DOOM Zombie by Nicho

    I did a really odd picture last night.. It took over 2 hours but I was soooo tired after I had finished.. I had a crazy Image like.. the horror of Rob Zombie's music combined with the fellow ship of the ring, or maybe DOOM I came up with this drawing.. I was tired but completely awhere of what I...
  19. SSj Goten

    Custom Model

    I give Credit to LiL GoHaN,Original Trunks Modeler and Mr.Smo for parts of the model..... this is my own custom model.... i drew it and lil gohan edited the trunks and smo's goku.... ***EDIT*** http://www.dbreanimations.tk/ This is for my DBZ movie ^_^ P.S. ill give u the non ssj pic in a...
  20. GoldSaiyan

    Zombie movies.

    One of my favorites was Dawn of the dead. It is a old movie, but atleast it is original and nicely done. Just imagine an apocalypse world, where the living dead is spread on the world. No forest is save, no city is save, no cemetery is save, even your own house isn't save anymore. And to...