1. N

    Proportion HELP!

    when ever i attempt to make a map, i ether make it too small, or too big, how can I fit everything into the right size
  2. V


    Hey is that the primary prog u guys use to make maps, or is there some incredibly great OTHER prog you guys make maps with. ~RAGE
  3. J

    esf fgd

    where can i get a esf fgd file for making maps in worldcraft/valve hammer
  4. S

    Okay, Mapping Programs?

    I hate Worldcraft. It has constantly tried to foil me at every mapping attempt I made. So screw it. Is there any, free, mapping tool out there for me? A simple one with lots of clear, detailed tutorials that don't assume you know where everything is? Please? And if anyone, so help me god...
  5. S

    Where to download Worldcraft

    :cry: O_O where must i download worldcraft ;( :)
  6. E


    I dont understand can anyone help me???:cry: :cry: :cry:
  7. Neros

    Error: entity 0, brush 5....Help

    This thing have been bugging the hell out of me...:devil: ;( :\ :devil: When i try to compile it says: Error: entity 0, brush 5 and then som numbers that show where the error is, but i cant fin it. I tryed to delete all walls, floors....ecept the sky, start points and lights. And the...
  8. B

    map creat0r

    well modelling is toooooo difficult for me so im going to try map making but ehhmmm where can i download the map creat0r??
  9. Jaredster

    ok..ok..this may have been asked alot

    Ok...this may of been asked alot. Is there any setup files for Worldcraft so i can make ESF maps?
  10. S

    help PLZ!!!!!!!!

    hi guys im asking for some idea's for a map tell me some ideas and i make the map and im tired of all the w8ing for the beta relleas!:tired: ! w8ing = waiting :)
  11. S


    Where do I find my world craft on my computer because i dont know where to look i have it cuz it says in the book.
  12. S

    noob needs help

    i'm a bit of a noob and im makeing a map and well 1 i can't make sky how do you do that with worldcraft? and how do i compile my map to bsp???
  13. LaMM

    ESF Configurations???

    I'm new to mapping but i already made a few maps but just for half-life. I wanted to create them for ESF but I have got no idea on how to configure Worldcraft or Hammer. Could someone help me on how to configure Valve (and I'd prefer some screenies of your configuration plz!!) Thnx for your...
  14. dudeman

    Landscape V 1.0

    hey guys, i released 5 maps in a mappack called Landscape V1.0 the maps are: -esf_desert -esf_hill -esf_mountains -esf_river -esf_ugly esf_ugly is the most ugly map since the creation of half life!! i added it for fun... download the mappack HERE or download it at...
  15. S

    Hammer/World Craft help

    I get this problem too many ...... times and it's driving me ........ crazy!!! Each time I start up hammer it freezes. I made a hammer "log" in my head. Here is what happened in the past hour: start Hammer open map stops when I make a new brush freezes restart start...
  16. S

    3D Studio Max

    hi i want to makes maps and i have worldcraft but friends telled me that with 3D Studio Max its going easyer.So i thought ill use them both, but i dont know where i can find it:cry: and i have searched every site.So plz if u know please tell me! cuz thats makes me happy;) .
  17. DJ-Ready

    Worldcraft3.4 / Hammer3.4

    What doh ya like more? Worldcraft 3.3 or the new Hammer3.4 (WC 3.4)... i heared that some people have probs with compiling, but on mah chomp H 3.4 takes a good job and i think that hammer3.4 is better than WC 3.3... and you?
  18. S

    Help me out please?

    Hey all Like i put in my post in Modelin im new to this and wanna start doin doin Game Design next year in Uni so can anyone tell me a good program top use? maybe a site to vist please? thanks all c ya's l8r :p
  19. D


    hey guiys can you tell me what program you use to make model and skin??? i want to know it plz...maybe i can make good model... DBZ's god (plz staff dont delete plz)
  20. Z

    How Do I Make A MAP?????

    okay i would like to know how i can make a map and what programs to use??? and then a torturial (i Think its called that!) weel somebody tell me!