1. J-Dude

    Offline Play stops working!!!

    Okay, this is pissing me off to no end. In the last few days, for some reason offline play for ESF has stopped working. This has never hapenned before and I can only guess why. Everytime I try to start an offline LAN game, the game loads all the way to precaching and then exits back to the menu...
  2. F

    UnBan isnt working.

    My friend trys to play in my server but he says he is banned. I did not ban him and i remade a server 5 times. Also i typed amx_unban (his name) but he is still banned. Help PLz. I tried to ban him for 1 minute did not work hes still banned indefinitly and this is a listen server also.:fight:
  3. N

    Create-game game modesettings not working

    EDIT: Fixed the problem by deleting game.cfg in the esf directory. ---- EDIT: So it turns out all the settings beginning with "mp_", which are things like "mp_friendlyfire", "mp_gamemode" and "mp_fraglimit", are resetting to the default settings the game came with every time a map loads...
  4. bapplebo

    So... Photoshop is working for me now O_o

    We have settled our dispute, and are now friends again. editzors: I messed with it. IMO, it looks better.
  5. H

    Working ON ESF Movie

    Hi, Making a movie This is the begin: Its not much, But it will increase after some records i make. "Question: Is it right, that HLTV not works normal with ESF. Because if i record i can't move with the camera :S"
  6. N

    Installation Not working

    When I downloaded the game and started the setup everything goes fine until i get to the part that you choose the destination for the game and instal it; the install button is pushed in (cant press it) even if i keep choosing new locations. What do i do?
  7. M

    ESF not working

    I have a weird problem with esf. When I'm trying to do a server ESF gives me a message wich says "Your esf executable is out of date. Esf will now update to the current version." And if I try to update I got another message wich says "You version ( of Half Life is out of date, but there...
  8. V

    need help please!! game not working

    hallo friends please help me esf is not working i need help i have half life 1 i install esf version 1.2.3 i install even the patch and is not working when i enter the game is enter the orginal menu of the half life game and when i click on play the game it says: problem culd not...
  9. S

    Help! Im a n00b! I finally nearly got it working, but...

    All i wanna do is play it, so i go onto internet multiplayer, then create game, and just as its about to do something, this comes up: 'could not load library C:\ProgramFiles\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\steffanic\Half-Life/esf/cl_dlls\client.dll' What do i do to get rid of this and get just one...
  10. bapplebo

    Sound not working...

    Well, as the topic says, my sound is not working. I am no computer expert sound-wise, so I wonder if people could help. (according to my Sound Manager) Audio Driver Version: Direct X Version: DirectX 9.0 Audio Controller: HD Audio Audio Codec: ALC860 Problem: Speakers /...
  11. E

    sound wavs not working

    i was wondering if there was some codec or something i need to make wav files for this game with, i tryed uploading a few sounds from a dbz fighting game for the snes which i recorded but the sounds just dont want to play in the game, the old sounds still work though just the ones i replace that...
  12. D

    something i'm working on

    2:10 min's version it's my first naruto mv =P your thoughts
  13. I

    counterstrike not working

    ok i got counterstrike and everything (not an illegal copy)but i put the disk in and everythin and the installer window pops up i click install the installer window closes but after that the instalation window were you install it is not poping up and when i go to my e:/ drive my whole ocomputer...
  14. Z

    ESF IS WORKING .... well kinda help plz look at this piic and tell me whats up please this comes up when i try and join a server on esf
  15. C

    Portsmouth New Hamsphire... been working on this the last couple weeks.

    OK this is something I have been working on the last couple of weeks just for fun. Just did the lighting few hours ago and thought that it was time to show the world :P Tell me whats on your mind.
  16. Skyrider

    Weather system not working in ESF Thats a weather system AMXX plugin, the day / night works just fine, but the snow , rain and stuff aren't working.. i wonder how come?.. because the maps are not made for it or something?
  17. AmoN

    ingame mp3 aint working

    when i press F8 (and yes the key is binded to F8) nothing happens. i made a list and i saved it but it's still not working...what should i do? and plz do not post any links or comments of how many times this is asked b4 in other threads...i just wanted to post-n-go..ty
  18. J

    something im working on....

    wewt.... just practicing my texturing :) the skulls are a very early wip. the helmet is almost done, as is the cape fur.
  19. Almighty_Gir

    something im working on....

    wewt.... just practicing my texturing :) the skulls are a very early wip. the helmet is almost done, as is the cape fur.
  20. A

    is it at all possible to get ESF working with CZ

    ok is it all possible to make ESF 1.2 work on the czero version of cs because it alows me to play all games such as half life stuff like that if i download it into my steam account so is this acctaully possible for me to play it online ok if u can hellp me that would be coolies :yes: