1. M

    The wonderful ESF

    Guys what should i do to have this game? Maybe magic dance, my wishes for Santa, to be a president? I really want this game, but not me only) Maybe someone do version with 1 new super perfect colorful map and 6-8 might heroes?
  2. M

    Data's not having a wonderful time

    There should be a YTMND thread stickied: Anyway, I thought this was hilarious: http://databsod.ytmnd.com/ Discuss!
  3. -Origin

    The wonderful thing called....WIP.

  4. Eon

    The mind is a wonderful thing.

    What do you believe and theorise about the human mind? Since we only use a small portion of it. Here's a small theory I cooked up. Since you can seriously, put a person in a hypnotic trance, put an ice cube in their hand, say it's fire their hand will blister as if it were being burned...
  5. A

    DBZ is wonderful or GT?

    1.DBZ is nicer. :) 2.GT is nicer. ;( 3.It's hard to say. :p
  6. S

    fusion model thread #2

    first thing i have to say DON'T SPAM OR FLAME. were still working on it althought we suffered a loss. i guess we could use another animnator. post pics later
  7. A


    *sigh* wonderful........and its probably cause this comp is a laptop that is out of date.....i need to invest in a new comp......