1. Mkilbride

    Woman bites off boyfriend's testicles while drunk.

    http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-world/2011/03/17/woman-bites-off-her-boyfriend-s-testicles-115875-22994511/ Case and point: Don't get a drunken *******. :P
  2. Mkilbride

    Woman shakes baby to death for crying while she plays...Farmville.

    http://jacksonville.com/news/crime/2010-10-27/story/jacksonville-mom-shakes-baby-interrupting-farmville-pleads-guilty-murder Is it the new WoW for young mothers?
  3. Optimus Prime

    Shutup woman, get on my horse.

  4. M

    Japanese Woman Caught Living in Man's Closet, For 1 Year

    Source: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080530/ap_on_...an_closet_woman That's slightly amusing, it exemplifies the dire measurements humans take to survive. That is a witty women, although I would have caught her probably right after she got in the closet, I mean, doesn't the man ever wear jackets?
  5. B

    Woman who spent life in Iron Lung Dies

    http://news.aol.com/story/_a/woman-who-spent-life-in-iron-lung-dies/20080528140809990001 This is truly sad. To life all of your life in an iron lung, and then pass away due to a power failure. I feel so bad for her. I feel bad that she had to live like that. Would you want to live like...
  6. Kaination

    woman marries dolphin :0...?

    http://www.theage.com.au/news/world/woman-marries-dolphin/2006/01/01/1136050339590.html wow, what a freak
  7. X

    Man Trips Over Woman; Her Family Eats Him?

    Why is it you read the most ****ed up **** over at the CNN site? Well, atleast this time is... "AOL with CNN" http://cnn.aimtoday.cnn.com/news/story.jsp?flok=FF-RTO-reodd&idq=/ff/story/0002%2F20040810%2F0810864851.htm&sc=reodd You can read it there...
  8. K

    Should there be a woman character in ESF?

    What do you think about adding any girl to the fighters?:D starting from #18, Videl, Bulma, Chichi, there was even saiyan girl, name Saripa or something like that, but she was in movies! What do you think about adding woman fighter? I think it would be great :] !
  9. L

    A Woman Wip

    I found the concept art for this game called impossible creatures so i wanted to model it. If any one wants to skin this, i would be happy to upload it once ive finished it :) The model still needs a belt thing, and a head :p Critz or Comments anyone? :devil:
  10. D

    nice girl art

    nice henk art its so a simple art made in less than one min. her it is i like it very much !
  11. D

    Sketcher needs modle

    Hi everyone. I would like to introduce to you "Nameless Hope" its not traced but i did use a moddle. unfortunately it was a desk top pic...... wish i had a real beutiful woman to modle for me. If any girls read this who Live neer west or waco area... please let me know if you would modle for...
  12. 4xMega-Saiyajin

    Sexiest woman allive

    dunno if its allowed to ask those questions , but i think that isnt anything about pornografics!!! so what do u guys think???
  13. G

    the improved model

    heres my model and I really REALLY! want to know something. well first give me some feedback, second when i make a model should i make like vegeta's suit jut out or trunks jacket or should i just do that with the skin? I would really really! like to know please tell me.