1. Dokutayuu

    Gundam Wing Re-watch

    Evening all :) I was anime-less (All the ones I watch finished or got so dull... (*cough* one piece)) and decided to give the ever-confusing Gundam Wing another shot. I really like it, the first 8 episodes are amazing and I can't wait to see the others. The first time I tried watching it...
  2. M

    Newest: Gundam Wing

  3. Tsunami

    Dance Wing Zero Dance!!!!! LOL Wing Zero doin the YMCA!!!!!
  4. M

    gundam wing

    does anyone know sites were i can download gundam eps,no kazaa or netpumper or stuff like that. I saw them from the firt till the 21th. i would realy apreciate it.
  5. God Gundam

    Gundam Wing Tallgeese (MechMod)

    MechMod Tallgeese hello everyone =D, GG here with a mechmod model for you all to see. thsi model was made by me and is going to be skinned by Mr. Smo and Azn Dragon. yes 2 legends join together to complete one major goal. get this crazy thing skinned =P. for further mechmod news and...
  6. D

    "Wing-X" is COMPLETE!

    Can j00 say...1337 PWn4GE!? :D
  7. Amayirot Akago

    Gundam Wing

    I'm kinda a Gundam Wing fan, so I decided to post this poll. What's your favourite Gundam? Mine is Deathscythe; the scythe instead of beamsabre is very original, and cool!
  8. P

    brolli in future esf versions

    brolli should be in future esf versions, or a new game mode where everyone tries to kick brolli's ass where one person is brolli and he is freakishly strong compared to everyone else for example like he doesnt get knocked back/as much as anyone else.
  9. G

    how dow i mack a map in valve hammer editor

    if u can help? plz do
  10. N

    Red Mystic Gohan

    Well here is a Red Mytsic Gohan model that i have gotten fomr Epedmic Optikz made by azn
  11. G

    how do i skin my mod?

    if u no plz help me
  12. S

    Model Request!!!

    hi all i know i´ve ask this before but no1 awnsered me. my request is of some1 can make a Gundam Suit like : WING, WING ZERO, HEAVYARMS,SHENLONG,DEATHSCYTE or SANDROCK plz awnser me this time c ya all
  13. A

    Gundam Wing MOD

    I do not know where to put this thread, so I put in help because I need help. Is anyone interested working on a Gundam Wing Mod. If yes, give me a email Some quick fact about the mod. Operation Meteor Total Conversion MOD or OM mod is an adoption of the Gundam Wing Universe; also know...
  14. S

    Modeling Request for boring ppl

    Hi all long time no see. i have a request for bered ppl. i like Gundam wings. especially with ESF. so who wants to make a model of a Gundam wings character? Already thnx for reading my threat:D
  15. S

    Gundam Wallpaper

    Kay for the first time in a while i made a wallpaper, watching gundam episodes got me worked about mecha and sorts, so hence the theme, "Steel Angels"... made 2 versions, not that much diff tho, wich is better and how do ya like em :) </center>V1 V2 </center>
  16. Naz

    Gundam Wing Wallpaper

    Over the last months, I haven't made a single good wallpaper, allthough I kept releasing them. I think I'm at the fase where I have plenty of inspiration, but I just can't get the image I have in my head in photoshop or 3dsmax, I always try my best at it, but somehow... I just can't.. while I...
  17. |Da|K|

    MY gundam WALLPAPER

    this is my Gundam wall paper that i made tell me wat u think *i kno font sucks*
  18. |Da|K|

    umm gundam Pics plz

    Hey guyz any one know where i can get some good gundam wing pics.... THX ALOT GUYZ (its for a sig):cry: only pics i got :'(
  19. DiebytheSword

    More Eternal Rage art

    I have been hiding in a hole, but I will be producing more art. Stay tuned :D This is Nageki, Nameless_Specter_]v['s playtest character for my RPG.
  20. E

    Who can make more then DBZ models

    Who can help me .. i want to make an mod but there 3 dbz mods so.. i tougth a medabots mod. But my milkshape doesn't Work !(****edup)proggie. so can somebody try to make one and place a pic for me . Plzzz :devil: :devil: ;D