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Mar 31, 2003
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I do not know where to put this thread, so I put in help because I need help.

Is anyone interested working on a Gundam Wing Mod. If yes, give me a email

Some quick fact about the mod.

Operation Meteor Total Conversion MOD or OM mod is an adoption of the Gundam Wing Universe; also know as After Colony Universe. We, the team modify the Valve: Half-life in to a totally different environment in which will represents the battles of Gundam Wing.
This documentation describes the rules of the game and everything that needs to be changed from the original Half-life.
OM mod tries to follow the rules of the After Colony Universe as close a possible. That means that Gundam are not indestructible and Wing Zero is not may not be the best Gundam for a player. We make OM mod to allow the most skilled player standout.

CO-OP (OZ vs. Gundams, or OZ vs. Alliance)
OZ tries to prevent targets from been destroyed.
Adv: Positions, faster respawn time, and large array of weapons to choice from.
Disadv: Weaker Mobile Suits.

Gundams objective is to destroy the destination targets.
Adv: Strong Gundams.
Disadv: No respawn.

Scoring is objective based. By OZ holding target will get 1 point every minute. Gundams destroy one target will get 5 points. Round will restart if round time is over, all objective is completed, or all Gundams are destroyed. Frag points are not kept in this team mode.

Some Cool and creative features
Booster supply
Weapons weights
Melee System

If you are interested, I can give you more detail about the mod.

Check out the website for openned positions.
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Nov 24, 2001
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this doesnt go anywhere on the forums

the esf forums will not be used a place to recrute people for mods or advertize things

if u want to advertize go buy banner space on oktagone cause the forums aint no damn yellow pages!

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