1. S

    Lord Slug Wave

    I know this is models and things but this wav is for all those people who thought Lord Slug was actually a slug. www.i-m-d.net/cavfiles/newLordSlug.wav
  2. Epedemic_Optikz

    MP3 To WAV

    Hey does anyone know where i can find a program that i can convert an MP3 to a WAV file,Without increasing the file siz,becuz when i use other programs,its size gets bigger. Ex:MP3 2.77 MB To WAV 30.5 MB it gets big.:(
  3. Yui Sakura

    MP3 to WAV converter?

    Does anyone know any good ones, that dont leave the file size about 10000000mb?
  4. imported_Mirai_Trunks

    question about lightwave

    what one is better for a beginner? Lightwave 6.5 or 7? i was just wondering since it seems alittle better to model with than milkshape. and easyer than 3dsm4.