1. RavenTrunks

    Dynasty Warriors Online CB Giveaway (pretty much garanteed)

    I played this game a few years back in the japanese version. I thought it was neat and got pretty far for having no idea what the quests told me to do. http://www.gamespot.com/event/codes/dynasty-warriors-online/?tag=topslot;title;4 It pretty much gives you an activation key on the spot.
  2. KarrdeKNR

    Flame Warriors Forum Game

    Ok, been a while since I've started something new here. If you haven't seen the "Flame Warriors" website, where have you been? :P http://redwing.hutman.net/~mreed/index.htm Here's the idea. First, say who you think you are most like, and then say who you thinking someone else on the...
  3. Shaladanra

    Dragonball: Legendary Super Warriors

    Are any of you guys familiar with the game Dragonball: Legendary Super Warriors for GBC ? :p I came across it yesterday and realized what great game it is so I just wanted to hear if any of you know it ? :cool:
  4. RavenTrunks

    Dynasty Warriors BB (MMO)

    http://www.gamevideos.com/video/id/3967 So... anyone have any info on what happened to this game? Seemed really neat how its an MMO not limited to turn-based combat, but looks like you need a controller. Says Fall2006 was the release but i cant find any information on it, or why it was...
  5. john_volkov

    Dynasty warriors movie

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5voF4feVX2c since i did not have anything else to do I did this movie since I like this game a lot , Note Lu Bu it's the strongest character in the game
  6. M

    Gundam meet dynasty warriors.

    Nuff said. http://www.gametrailers.com/player.php?id=16787&type=wmv&pl=game Be sure to check out the second movie as well.
  7. Chakra-X

    Dragonball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2

    EDIT: Could a Moderator make "Super Sonic" into "Supersonic"? I typed the wrong one -_- EDIT: Taken care of. --Pride Seeing how fast the tenkaichi thread died after the game actually came out, figured people would be interested in the latest Dragonball Z game, Super Sonic Warriors 2. Now...
  8. Ravendust

    Ghost Warriors

    I was wondering if someone could explain this to me; The Ghost Warriors in 'Plan To Destroy The Saiya-Jin' (Ghost Frieza, Ghost Coola, Ghost Turles and Ghost Slug) couldn't be beaten conventionally, with melee or energy, and when Goku blew up Coola with a ki blast he simply reformed, but then...
  9. J fox

    the warriors words

    this post is about the warriors sayings and things or what to fight 4 post things in of what Vegeta or what eny other warrior had or would say i know some lets see..... ahh yes star wars KOTOR:a real warrior doesnt flea from battle he/she fights 2 the end no matter the odds star wars...
  10. M

    dbz togeki>super sonic warriors.

    i did a search and search for togeki only and found nothing due to sonic warriors not out yet, however they did already emulate it and i would like to know if anyone has a GBA emulator how do u remap the keys? Unfortunatly i cannot use the big ki attack like kameha etc cause of the 2 key...
  11. CM

    DBZ: Buuku Tougeki (Super Sonic Warriors in US)

    After the release of the flaming piece of crap we all call DBZ: Taiketsu, Banpresto, Arc Works, and Cavia bring us perhaps the most fluid, most enjoyable, and best overall DBZ fighting game the world has seen. Although limited by the... limitations of the game boy advance, this game is just so...
  12. X

    Samurai Warriors

    Im sure we've all faught the good fight at Hu Lao Gate (Dynasty Warriors). I just wanted to know has anyone seen Koei's upcoming new game? Its like Dynasty Warriors, same battle system, possibly some new elements here and there, but it will not longer deal with "The Three Kingdoms" and it...
  13. Z

    warriors of destiny !!!bojack trunks!! crits? modler: K0N skinner : im going to do it or along with k0n
  14. BlackVashAngel

    Dynasty Warriors 3 I NEED HELP!

    ok, i got lu bu maxed health and max musou, and i need the yu ting and levels i know that the cheat is R1 R2 L2 L1 Square then L1 L2 R2 R1 but it seems like it doesn't work! please help me~~~~~~~~! (i used the unlock all cheat so i know my PS2 is not a PAL version)
  15. Z

    warriors of destiny : android 17

    go to : www.we.don't.allow.advertising.com then go to gallery there it wil be the site is mostly offline cous were stil working on it * *Let's change that URL into an IMG, ok? ~Sonic Boyster* *
  16. M

    The Golden Warriors Clan (Join Us)

    Nou ik heb al tijden een clan voor esf je zal er heus wel een paar members van gezien In-Game [>TGW<] maar ik zoek nieuwe members je zal eerst de Trial moeten doorstaan want ik wil alleen de beste spelers als je je hier voor voelt aangesproken dan reageer nu op www.thegoldenwarriors.tk en laat...
  17. C

    Model Sites

    Does anyone know any other ESF model sites with a wide variety other than redsaiyan.net thanx~
  18. V

    Warriors of Destiny

    I'm working on a mod[quake 3 engine], and we need some more team members... Anyone that can code, model, skin or make sprites may join... PM me if you want to... grtz
  19. HyperSaiyaman

    Excellent Super Saiyan 3 Goku!

    I have an excellent goku ssj3 with an excellent hai if you want it you have to e-mail me or my msn is lionelr@hotmail.com it worth it .
  20. S

    Aura model?? Anyone??

    Hey have one of you ever tried downloading the red aura from the esf aura download section at www.redsaiyan.net ?? Well it's nice and all but the effect that follows you is starting to irritate me! It looks to dumb. It's just a straight line that blocks half of the screen sometimes. NOw...