Dragonball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2

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Oct 27, 2004
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Seeing how fast the tenkaichi thread died after the game actually came out, figured people would be interested in the latest Dragonball Z game, Super Sonic Warriors 2.

Now, to anyone who has played the first one will know it is quite a fun handheld dbz fighter game. With a sequel to the DS, we would expect an even greater game, though I doubt it will be widespread because I think more people here had a gameboy advance than the ones that have a DS.

The Pros

The Story mode is unique. About 80% of the battle of "what if" battles, like if Krillin chose to blow 18, if Piccolo and Goku fought vegeta together, etc. Sometimes the story arce will have multiple paths, depending on if you win with your teammate, run out of time, win with perfect health, use 3 different specials (the 3rd one being the killing blow) or winning with an "Ultimate Attack"

The cutscene drawings are more crisp, but I'm sure the DS has the power to go beyong that of text and avatars. However, expect ot a lot of "DAMN YOU", "DAMN" and Vegeta saying "piss" in the dialouge :yes:

The fighting seems to be the same when talking about the basic level. Except its not just two people there mashing one button to throw another guard off so you can smash them (no auto block).

The specials seem to havea capcom v.s Marvel feeling. Though normal specials like kamehameha and spirit bomb are instant, so no little cutscene, all fast paced. You can even charge things like the spirit bomb for more power. The team attacks remind me of Capcom v.s Marvel because sometimes they are just crazy ass looking things. Like Goku and adult gohan's special has them charge a kamehameha, goku warp to the other side, they both shoot it off and collide with the enemy inbetween them.

Now my favorite technique is the "Ultimate attack". Very Capcom v.s MArvel like and well done too. MY first glance at this was Goku's "Kaioken X20" ultiamte attack. He knocks the person back, charges the kaioken, dashes after them while beating the crap out of them, slams them to the ground, knock him up and fire a GIANT kamehameha wave, which they try and block but are engulfed.

There are now more ingame transformations. Teen gohan can turn super saiyan by pressing L, Krillin unlocks potential by pressing L, Piccolo regenerates by pressing L, and a lot more of things like that.

There are now Power Struggles. If you and your opponent press the special buttons (X+A), the scene will swich to a giant power stuggle, making you have to tap b and a as fast as you can (usually very easy to win).

The backgrounds look great, all 3d and detailed. And there are new characters like Brolly, Cooler and a couple of others. There are also "Suppoer Characters" lik Hercule, Dende, Teien/Yamcha, that come in for a brief assistance (similar to that of Cap com v.s MArvel 2).


The major con of this game is that the melee is not as fast paced as the first one. The dash is not nearly as fast, and sicne there is no auto block, it is very hard to stun the oppoenent so you can smash them about.

Also, you can not teleport between players, you have to press there icon to make them come out. I used to be able to connect smashing combos with teleport. So far, only ssj goku has teleport "instant transmission", but it makes you so far away from the oppoonent that it's only good for warp kamehameha.

Now I was PISSED about the versus mode. Truns out that BOTH players needed a Super Sonic Warriors cartridge, maing the "download play" useless

Overall, it's a fun game, playing it right now. The DS has had VERY few games that caught my eye and I wass starting to get pissed. This is a good game for the DS and now Im waiting for Sonic Rush. If you like the 2D Dragonball Z fighting genre, this is a game for you. But if you are only concerned about how the speed of melee will compare to the first one, I suggest not.
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Apr 14, 2005
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That sounds really ****ing awesome. :yes:

It's a damn shame that the speed is lower.. but at least now it has l33t power struggles, which is something I really really missed in SSW1.

I might get it. I'll first read some more reviews and watch some media about it.

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