1. M

    How Many of You Use/Used Warez?

    This is just a simple yes or no question, though I hope it's fine to have a discussion on it. If not, then like always, I greatly apologize. Warez includes video games, programs, applications, music, videos, books, etcetera.
  2. F

    Everyone who wants to talk about Warez talk about it here!!!

    Haha I knew I'd get your attention. Now that I have it- here's my question: Say a friend of mine got a game. I dunno; like F.E.A.R or something. Okay now say that he lends me the CD's for it so I can put it on my computer- is that warez? If a mod answers this; close the thread thanks :)
  3. J

    Warez Type Forum...

    Hey guys, You can download albums and more here in these forums that has started, Even have and learn how to make graphics, Freestyle battle in the Freestyle Arena Section and download albums... ( I think I said that lol ) You can even download Programs and more!.... Please sign up using...
  4. P

    Just curious...........Whats warez so i dont do anything bad

    What is warez and people stop closing threads man what if they are needed in the future.
  5. DiebytheSword

    Warez and international copyrighting.

    No download links or torrents, nor links to where these things are can be discussed on this forum. Should you do so, you will be in direct violation of the AUP (the AUP will be updated shortly with clearer definitions). While international copyrights usually don't stop fansubs from being...
  6. Delusional

    A Sweet game thats free :D!!! (Not WarEz)

    Ok i was browsing dragonball/z/gt websites and found this http://rpg.naget.com/?nfunc=news ITS A MMORPG(massivly Mutliplayer Online Roleplaying Game) THATS FREE!!! All u have to do is register its not the best of graphics but its somthing to do every now and then! :)
  7. L

    warez? why do you guys hate them?

    i posted a thread and it was about getting the dragonball series and some stupid retard named magnus messed with the address. i just dont under stand it cool and free what is your guys opinion and why/ :confused:
  8. Hawki_ice

    One Must Fall 2097 - Jaguar

    UPDATES BELOW Ok hands are comming and the body still needs work here and there! im gana skin it myself thats not 2 hard.... But this guys gana need his own animations cause im forced 2 make him a custom skeliton! I can TRY 2 make some my self but i could use some help if anyones...
  9. Damaera


    How can I get Milkshape 3d for free? Sorry if this is talking warez or whatever
  10. Lethal_Vegetto

    I Dunno If this falls in the line of Warez but.

    I found an emulator and DBZ Legacy of Goku 2 if anyone wants to play it. Heres the link:No Warez Enjoy :laff: Ps: If this does fall under the category of cracks, hacks, and or Warrezz (how ever u spell it :p ) Then please close this thread. Thx. If not..have fun with Legacy Of...
  11. 1_heart_boobies

    photosop is confusing.....

    man...i just bought a photoshop 7.0 and was on those online tutorial things. i tried to do that ice text thing and failed 8/ photoshop is hard...
  12. A

    Modeling Software

    Can anybody send me it broadband only please. Maybe we can trade for something games/software or whatever. ** no warez kthx ** (S-Bolt--)
  13. Nuttzy

    ms3d problems

    well, ive been using it for about a year and a half, with no problems, but i downloaded 1.6.6 and i was testing how it counted the 30 days so i set my system time to a year and 14 days ahead, and alas it was expired, but doing this expired all my cookies and messed up my full and working version...
  14. S

    Were Can I Get A Program To Make Skins?

    :scared: Would any one know were I could get one?
  15. V

    best skin tool for models out there ?

    Whats a good skinning toool i really would like to know i want to model but i suck i could prob skin
  16. B

    New model :P

    well i would say his name but well hes kinda all my fav anime chars all combined up in one lol, he looks pretty cool, i thinkin im gonna call him Vlad or something well take a look http://atlas.imagemagician.com/images/fredd/George2.jpg...
  17. V

    Milkshape ? Why this error !

    PLEASE HELP MEEEEEEE !!!!!!:p Ok it goes like this... I decompile the HL model.(ESF) Then i import the .smd file i edit it because i want to pump up the body a bit and then when i try to save the .smd file he is wanking with some vertex bone errorO_O WTF ?! Even when i dont edit the model...
  18. Black Saiyan


    does anyone have just blank model(just skin) so i can edit it??
  19. Virtigo Seven

    Burning Gundam Model

    What about a Burning Gundam Model with like Gohan or Goku stats and powers?
  20. T

    Ps7 Error!!!!!!

    I downloaded trial version of adobe and this error came up. So everytime i try and use something it crashes PLEASE HELP!!
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